Little Jedi

Random Activities Over the Weekend

What a weather. I hope everybody is safe at home by now (it’s 6:00PM). I’m still praying that the rain would stop.

The weekend was fairly quiet and relaxing though. I was left at home last Saturday because I needed to bake some cakepops while Mike picked Lucas up at ATC with my mom and sister. Lucas stayed another week with my mom again last week. When they got home I smothered him with kisses. I missed the little boy so much. I know he is happy at my mom’s but I couldn’t stop myself from missing him. He’s a “missable” kid.IMG_6491[1]

One of the things that I am very happy about him spending more time with my mom is that now, he’s talking a lot more. I’m not talking about one-word comments but sentences and phrases already. Here are the sentences he can say now:

  • Take a bath
  • No more, Mami/ No more na
  • Up me Mami/Carry me Mami
  • Barney please (when he wants me to play Barney)
  • Thank you
  • Apiti, Mama (Happy Birthday Mama)
  • Mouse-ka-Tools (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouses


Here’s a funny Mama and Lucas conversation:

Lucas: Tabet piz (asking Mama for her tab)

Mama: Low-batt pa Lucas. Mama will charge it first.

(after an hour)

Mama: Lucas, you can use the tab now.

Lucas saw that the tab was still plugged in proudly said,

Lucas: Pohbat! (Low-batt daw)

He now mimics the words that I say. He knows the parts of his body including his ankle, knee, neck, armpit and pwet.  Hehe. I think I’ll start potty training him because he can now say “poo-poo” too.

I started teaching home how to read too starting with A is for Apple, B is tor Ball and C is for Cat. The funny thing is I saw from my cousin-in-law, Sha‘s Instagram post that they are also teaching Cyler how to read. They are teaching Cyler to read from an iPad, I am teaching Lucas to read from a notepad. Haha. Sha and I have a very strong connection I think. Whaddya say, Cuz?

notePad for reading
We were able to visit my in-laws. Lucas, the dog lover that he is, made a new friend. Tyler is my BIL’s dog. My Little Jedi used to Bully him when he was smaller but now Tyler’s longer than him. Nonetheless the two seem to be getting along well. I’m actually happy that he’s not afraid of dogs. I used to be so scared of them. Now, i’m just scared of frogs and lizards.

He’s still a little Don though.

Little Don

He likes listening to Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Barney and Maroon 5. He loves Pocoyo and Hi-5 and running and dogs. He knows different colors now and enjoys his wire maze so much more. He can arrange the alphabet in order. These are the milestones that I have taken note of over the weekend.

Stay safe everyone!


2 thoughts on “Random Activities Over the Weekend

  1. Yes, cuz I really think we are ALWAYS connected! B1 at B2 lang ang peg! LOL! Hooray for Lukes milestones, alam mo there’s one thing I realized– Luke and Cyler are baby no more. Hay. Time flies so fast! Megad!

    Anyway, were started to potty train Cyler. He already knew that he’ll sit in the potty chair when it’s time to poo-poo kaso pag actual na hindi na nyang magawang maupo sa potty chair. Weird. Hahaha!

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