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The Tale of Two Yayas

Yaya Weng is baaaaack! I could not be happier. I know we’ve had some falling out but she’s so back! If you have been reading my blog, you know that she has been the Little Jedi’s yaya (nanny) since he was 2 or three months old (momnesia kicking in here). She left in April with the promise to come back after two weeks but 4 weeks and counting, she hasn’t come back. That’s when I decided to get another yaya for Lucas.

Yaya number 2 is much younger than Yaya number 1, had very little experience with toddlers but had very high scores from her OJT stint with Mama. Mama said she had initiative. We intended to have her as a temporary yaya until Yaya Weng returns. Two months since she left, we still don’t know when she is coming back so we decided to keep yaya #2. That’s when I started to see her many flaws as a yaya.

Maybe it was my fault that I didn’t give her enough instructions because I anticipated she had the same instinct as Yaya Weng. I would tell her to look after the Little Jedi. She was so good at obliging she did look after him. Just looked. Lucas would be climbing the sofa and opening the window screen and there she was looking. Lucas would be drenched in sweat and there she was…just looking. Lucas would be putting something in his mouth and she was just looking. It drove me nuts for a time because then I had to look after her looking after Lucas. Talk about motion waste.

Mama raved that she was taking initiative with household chores. I was pretty impressed the first time she got here because she made the unit squeaky clean. Unfortunately that was the first and last time she initiated the cleaning. In fairness to her, before she would go to bed, she followed my instructions to make sure that at least the floors are mopped clean. The visible floors were clean but when I checked the corners and areas under the furniture, I found a thick layer of dust and some of Luke’s toys there.

Two weeks ago, she told me that she will be leaving because she needs to take care of her sick father. I did not make the effort to convince her to stay because I was no longer happy with how she’s working. We texted Yaya Weng and asked her if she still wants to come back and work for us and she happily replied that she does. While waiting for her to return I saw something that really made me want to tell yaya #2 to immediately leave. What I thought were dirt on Lucas’ arms were fingernail marks near his armpits. Not one, not two, but 6 pairs! It had darkened like a wound that had dried up. I flared up! Calmly I asked yaya#2 how Lucas got the marks and she just said maybe she had a tight grip on his arms. Either she’s lying or her grip is too tight to leave those marks on my son’s arms. I mustered all the patience I had not shout at her and tell her to leave but ranted to my husband and Mama. Even Maqui, who visited us the next day, said that it looked like pinch marks. Since Lucas will be left with her for another week before Yaya Weng comes back, I took them to Mama’s the following day. I didn’t want to take the risk anymore.

When I opened our door to Yaya Weng last Monday I couldn’t help myself and hugged her. I knew I am so blessed that she’s back. Next to my family, she’s the person I can entrust my son to. It was such a nice feeling to have somebody at home who knows you and loves your child like her own. I saw how much she missed the Little Jedi and how different she handled my son. I was also secretly happy that she saw so many things to work in the unit. I did scolded her a bit for not contacting us during her vacation. I told her that communication is very important for us. Apart from that I feel relieved that she’s back. Mike even said to me that night “Nakaraos din tayo” (We made it through). I said, “Nakaraon saan?” (Made it through what?). He replied, “…na wala si Weng” (the time when Weng wasn’t here). I agree,

Yaya number 2 wasn’t a yaya. She probably works well in a household that gives very specific instructions. When you are taking care of a child, instructions are good guides but intuition is what sets a yaya apart. Yaya Weng is a yaya. She’s not just my son’s Yaya. She’s family to us.




11 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Yayas

  1. Good to hear that Yaya Weng is finally back! Tell Yaya Weng na text text din kasi sya pag may time. Chos!

    Pero kawawa talaga si lucas with Yaya #2, ayoko mag isip ng kung ano-ano pero maisip ko lang ung marks. Ay naku! Sarap mag hysterical! LOL! But that’s true though, pag nasasaktan na kasi ung mga anak dun lumalabas ang bitchy side ng mga nanay.

  2. Good yayas are really angels. ‘Lam mo I had the chance last summer to talk to the yaya who slapped Raviv in the mouth and I was not able to control myself…talagang nasabi ko ang galit ko sa kanya. She was denying everything but I kept telling her I don’t believe her after all the lies.

    Good riddance!

  3. You’re lucky to have Yaya Weng! We haven’t had the luck of finding yayas for our two kids for what, 8 months! I am not sure how I am getting by with two kids while working at home. It’s a miracle, actually. Haha.

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