Creative Juices


I am glad the rain has finally stopped. Sunday night and the whole day of Monday felt was a deluge. We are safe here in Parañaque but we couldn’t get out of the city because these are the flooded areas. I am hoping that everybody is safe and dry.

I had been sick also and while getting some rest, it was also the best time for me to do some washifying.

Washi tapes are my latest addiction. Thank the Japanese for coming up with all things cute and unique including this very very very pretty masking tape. Washi tapes are made of paper but not as delicate. It comes in the prettiest designs you could think of. I saw it first in Pinterest and when Paper Chic Studio started selling them, I had to buy some. Here are some of the things that I have “washified”.


Prettying iced tea bottles


Change a plain switch frame to something cute

Personalizing my planner


Perfect for my budding business


I love these tapes! My creativity is my only limitation. What about you? Have you washified anything lately?



10 thoughts on “Washified!

  1. Will be joining the washi-wagon, soon! 🙂

    I usually get mad at Khan who puts stickers everywhere. Stickers are for sticking daw kasi. Tingnan natin how he’ll react once I get to have some washi tapes. It’s payback time! Hahaha.

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