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That Fun Saturday Called Mommy Fleur Day

I had a really good weekend. Really good. After last week’s deluge the weekend was the bright sun on, literally, a cloudy day. Why you might ask? Well, I was invited to the Mommy Fleur day! Mommy Fleur is one of the mommy bloggers whom I, and many more readers, stalk. She’s the kikay mom to Anika and the “semi-spoiled wife” to Alvin. I stumbled upon her blog when I read her mom, Wowa’s, letter to her. Since then, I was hooked. Why do I like….love her? She’s a real person. I also find her to be so generous to share her stories to everyone. I think that’s wonderful. I’d say of there’s a most influential blog award, the Mommy Fleur blog should be in the top 5. Seriously. You can just imagine when I and a couple of mommy bloggers were personally invited by Fleur. We were all so exciteeed! One, we get to meet and greet her again. Two, it’s a semi get-together of some of my favorite moms, and three, hello this is a Mommy Fleur event! I’m pretty sure that it will be no less thanΒ bonggels! Of course I had to go.

I met up with Sha and Maqui in Makati before the party and had a little dessert and lunch (in that order). We also met another blogger, Leah, of the Bright Spot. We promised Fleur we’ll be at the venue early so we can help. First let me say that Royal Palms in Acacia Estates is BEAUTIFUL! If you have qualms about living in a condominium, I think seeing this place would give you a change of heart. I just saw the amenities and I am in luv. It was like being in a resort. Ok, back to the Mommy Fleur Day. When we entered the Sky Lounge, we saw Fleur in her shorts, tank top, barefoot with her signature welcoming smile. Her husband and friends were there too, as well as Krisna, who is also a fellow blogger. One of my favorite topics that Fleur would share would be her stories about her friends. Before and during the party, I witnessed them bicker personally and they are hilarious. Even if I am not watching them, just listening to them talk made me giggle. I also saw how down-to-earth Fleur was. She’s really what you read from her blog. It’s like reading her blog, live!

That’s Leah in blue!


Mom bloggers unite πŸ˜€ (Clockwise from the bottom: Maqui, Dew, Peachy, Aimee, Sha, Louisse, Em and my big fez)



Met fellow bloggers and readers (Clockwise: Sha, Maqui, Natalie, Abbie, Krisna, Cai, James, and my big fez)

The party was simply fabulous. Read: great food, loads of giveaways for everyone, and the best host ever. Who was it? Who else but Fleur herself! Lol! I also met my friends, other bloggers who I stalk, readers, and Fleur’s friends and family. I guess apart for Fleur herself, the “celebrities” were them. Everyone knew them! From Alvin, Wowa and Anika, to Pineda, Arnaiz and Faye. Even Toots didn’t escape popularity and was even asked to be raffled off. Hahaha!

I feel like the party was well thought of. I like that Fleur thought of bringing her blogging desk complete with how it’s probably designed at home: with her books and pictures of her family. It’s another proof that she doesn’t mind sharing a piece of her personal life to everyone.


The theme was consistent which was red and white.


I also like the kids area that they set up. At least everyone was enjoying the party even the little ones.

Met Anika in person again. Cuuuuute!

The food was great. I really enjoyed the fall-off-the-bone roast pork (or was it beef?). It was tender and juicy with the right amount of fat. I can still taste it in my taste buds. I’ll wait for Fleur to blog about her suppliers. Fleur also served crostinis with 4 viands of pate from UVBreadhouse. There was pizza, pasta and chicken from Cable Car. Yes, I also love Arnaiz’s hotdog with marshmallows. Oh and the dessert station that was behind me had been giving me “the look” ever since I got there.


I loved the Matcha Cake and the cheese sticks with chocolate dip. I wanted to lick the chocolate off the spoon. Nahiya lang ako. Nyahaha. Do you see the view from the back? Super nice!

Oh and look at Fleur’s cake! Cute, right?


Fleur made sure everybody gets something to take home from the party. I’m not talking about knick knacks here. Her giveaways and raffle prizes were to die for. There were gift certificates, mommy and baby stuff from mompreneurs, a book that I was praying to get but didn’t, those yummy pate, personlized Mommy Fleur mugs, bag tags and mousepads, and so much more. Fleur didn’t only do one round of raffle, not two, but three! Everybody went home with a gift. That does not even include the giveaways yet. She gave all her guests planners and cakes. The cake that I got was to.die.for. She was one heck of a sexy Ninang that night. Hehe. (Joke lang Fleur, pero not on the sexy part haha)Β Like I said, it was a fab party. I had a blast. I think we all did.

Cakes galore!
See those prices on the ottoman ang glass desk? That was just the tip of the iceberg

I wanted that book, Fleur!

“Ninang” giving away more gifts

It was so much fun laughing with everybody, meeting new people and just exchanging chika with friends. I feel so blessed that I have been introduced to the world of blogging and it because the avenue for me to meet all these great people. I am also grateful that Fleur is such a great person. I hope I can inspire and influence a lot of people too, like her. Til next meet-up Fleur! Thanks again! πŸ˜€

No, Fleur. Thank you!

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