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Weekend Bliss

Halloo! How was weekend? Mine was half and half. Half fun and half not fun because I was compelled to do work. Nonetheless I’d say it was good. Weekends are my happy time.

We originally planned to go to Cavite so Lucas can stay at my Mama’s again. We’ve been bringing the Little Jedi a lot more often now because Mama has retired from work and we agreed on this so she won’t get too bored at home. I don’t really mind because I know my Mama takes really good care of her apo (grandchild). I mean every time we bring Lucas to her, his cheeks look a little more plump by the time we pick him up. Even his elbows started having “dimples” on them. I’m not complaining though. I love it. Anyway, we didn’t go there this weekend because Mama said she has errands to over the next week (like a date with her sister and I find this heart-warming). So we decided to just meet up and spend the day together.

I guess my mom and sister missed the little boy so much. Looks like the little boy missed his Mama too. His smile, when he saw her, cannot deny it. He even cried when Mama was out of his sight for a few minutes. Mama’s apo indeed.


Family time. Thanks, Mike for taking the picture for us. πŸ™‚

I got to do a little shopping with my sister too. It has been months since I last did “spontaneous” shopping! SALE ALERT: For some reason, most of the shops in Makati yesterday were on sale. They had really good bargains (50%-70% off). Have you tried shopping at Terranova in Glorietta 4? Every time I go there, they have items on sale. The shirt that I’ve been crushing on is only Php500+ from I think a Php800-Php900. My sister was able to buy 2, really cute shirts for P249 each. Mango in Glorietta 3 was also on sale. I have a thing about scarves lately and I looooove their scarves. They are on sale at Php 350 each. I think I’ll drop by again this week. The kid’s apparel shops are also on sale so we also shopped for the little boy. Mama and my sister couldn’t resist. They got him a whole wardrobe. Hehe.

I was surprised that Lucas made it through the day last Saturday without a nap. I guess he was too excited to be with Mama. It was only when we were on our way home that he finally gave in to sleep.

Yesterday, Lucas was up and about by 4:30 am! I felt his little hands on my face, scrambling to get my phone on the table beside me. At church later that morning, my little boy looked like a little man (tear).

He looks so grown up in his shirt. It’s undeniable nowadays that he’s no longer my chubby little baby boy. He’s now a cute little man who knows how to argue and makes his parents laugh with his antics.

We also had a visitor yesterday! It’s the second time that Aki and Maqui came over for a swim and Lucas wasn’t able to join them. Since he was up by 4:30 am, he was down for the count before I was able to change his clothes to his swim trunks. It was still nice to have a chat with Maqui and watch Aki do his version of a cannonball in the pool.

My little guest πŸ™‚
Aki and his new “barkada”


My only regret for the day was I had to do some work. I’ve been working on it since Saturday night. I commissioned Mike already to give his full attention to Lucas because I may not be able to do so. As predicted, it took me the rest of the morning and the afternoon to finish. As soon as I sent my work, my time was for the little boy already.

For working moms like me, we treasure weekends and the little blessings that bring us so much joy. I can’t wait for the next one to come!

Have a good week ahead everyone!







7 thoughts on “Weekend Bliss

  1. Cuz, I love Terranova at Glorietta! I used to shop there most of the time coz their always on sale! Not just sale but super sale! I was able to buy dress for less than 300petot! Plus I love their designs. πŸ™‚

  2. weekend spent with your kid shopping, super fun. parang walang kapagurang habulan sa mall – then bagsak sa car habang byahe pauwi. good to hear you had fun lang weekend, Maggie πŸ™‚

  3. scarves for 350??? waaahhh bakit ba ang layo namin sa sibilisasyon! πŸ˜€ i super envy your impromptu playdates. and i miss chatting with you guys. haist. mukhang i’m gonna pass na naman sa next playdate. sigh.

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