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The Heartbreaker

Yea he is. At 31 months, my Little Jedi knows how to make his Mami cry for beautiful and sometimes guilt-ful reasons. He says and does things that make me both smile and tear up a bit.

I left him with Mama last week. We were not able to go there the whole week except when we picked him up on Satruday. Mama said every time he sees my and Mike’s picture, he points at it and repeatedly shouts “Mami! Dadi!”. I felt a lump in my throat after hearing that.

I baked some cakepops last Saturday. I turned my back to get something when I heard the little boy say, “Mmm good!” When I turned around, he was holding a pop with a small bite on it. He also said the same thing when he tasted the chicken nuggets that I made for dinner. Nothing beats having your kid be a fan of your cooking, right?


Yesterday he was so maka-Dadi. I always say that I don’t mind that. In fact I find it cute that my son is closer to his dad. He insisted to be carried by his Dadi all the time.

That night, when I was putting him to sleep, he suddenly cuddled beside me and asked me to read him a book. While reading You Are My I Love You, he looked up to me with smiling eyes. Again, I tear up.

My little man, so young and so innocent, knows how to make his Mami cry. I told myself that it’s the start of many wonderful things that will bring tears to my eyes. I can’t even imagine seeing him graduate, or having a girlfriend, or getting married. Let’s not go there yet. It’s a start but I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that. Who would’ve thought that every milestone is also a realization that your child is becoming an individual more and more. He’s becoming A beautiful, independent child. I’m looking forward to those moments, tears and all.



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