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Uber Entertained by Uber Facts

HuwaaaatishappeningwiththetrafficinManila??? It’s taking me twice the time to travel in the metro!

Thank goodness for 21st century technology babies called the internet and smartphones. They keep me entertained and sane. I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinteres. I am quite active in all sites except Twitter.

I have been low key on Twitter. I am not as active as I am in Instagram. I guess I am more visual in that way. I do follow one account that I really really like and that’s @UberFacts.

I am a self-confessed nerd and a geek. What can I say? I am entertained by trivia. Uber Facts tweets hundreds of facts in a week. There are facts that left me in awe while some left me with an ew. Notheless, the tweets entertain me a lot especially during the long ride to and from work.

Here are some facts that I have taken note of:






Pretty cool, right? See? We can learn from Social Media. What about you? How does Social Media entertain/help you?


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