Happy foodie

P is for Weekend

…as in Pigging out and cakePops.

This is the first part of our two P weekends.

We celebrated my Mama’s birthday and retirement at Buffet 101.

She loves buffet restaurants. So when we asked her where she wanted to celebrate, it was a no-brainer. She initially wanted to have lunch at Vikings. When I called them the Wednesday before the weekend that we scheduled to celebrate, the receiver of the call said they were fully booked for the month except for September 20th and 27th. It was on the first week of September when I made the call, by the way. OA much? I guess the popularity of Vikings has grown exponentially. I didn’t want to give my mom the news that I couldn’t get reservations. Good thing I remembered Em’s post about Buffet 101. I called them and was able to make a reservation. A day before the weekend, I received a confirmation text message from. Buffet 101. I think that’s good customer service.

When we got there, I was welcomed by tables and tables of food. I was looking for Mama and my sister but in my peripheral vision, I could see the dishes “winking” at me. After the kisses and hello’s I set off to get food.

When you are in a buffet restaurant, there are several guidelines you need to remember.

1. Forget you’re in a diet if you are.

2. Check out the dishes first before putting anything onyour plate. Buffet 101 had Asian dishes (of course the salmon sashimi caught my eye), Chinese food, other American and Italian cuisines.



Where were we? Oh yeah…

3. Decide what you want to try first and stick with the same cuisine. I wanted to try the salmon sashimi first so I started with Japanese. Make sure you don’t mix different cuisines. Dishes from the same cuisine compliment each other, not overpower one with another. Unless you like the taste of pasta sauce on your tempura.
4. Get small servings. What I like about Buffet 101 is that their food is already plated in small portions. Take for example the pasta. The spaghetti was already twisted into a small mound.
5. Pace. Slow down. You get full easily when you are eating. Enjoy and savor the food.

My challenge with buffet restaurants is that after trying so many dishes, I don’t remember how each tastes like afterwards. On the contrary, I remember how each dish that I tried in Buffet 101 tasted until now. I loved some and liked everything except for the century egg. It tasted like….centuries old. Ew.

Of course I could not pass up dessert. There were desserts…

And more desserts…

20130921-191730.jpgAnd even more desserts!

Em told me to leave some space for the crepes. I’m sorry I failed you Em. I was in food coma after having dessert. Good thing Buffet 101 offers unlimited coffee and tea.

My top three dishes are:
1. The sushi and sashimi. I was a little dissapointed that I didnt see any Uni (sea urchin) but it was good.
2. The steak. It was cooked after I placed the order. I paired it with some greens.
3. The shrimp salad with pomelo. Man, it was good. So refreshing and it cleans the palate especially when I was eating the savory Asian dishes.

My top three desserts? Simple. The creme brulee, the tiramisu, and the mango panna cotta.

Luke’s favorite? The pasta, the marshmallows…

And Mama.

That’s part one. I hope you weren’t starving and stuck in traffic when you read this!

P.S. Belated happy birthday again to my Mama who is everybody’s Mama!


3 thoughts on “P is for Weekend

  1. OA naman ang vikings sa reservations nila. baka super popular nga sila no? haven’t tried Buffet 101 pa din. sana matry namin at mukhang super sarap ng foods based sa pictures 😛

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