Little Jedi

Growing Up and Taller

Happy mid-week!

I was browsing through my phone’s stored photos because I was already deleting some. Then I saw a series of Lucas’ Gymbo photos. I noticed two things: 1) He really likes playing basketball, and 2) He has grown so much taller already!

I mean look at him before:

He can barely reach the floor from his walker!
This was him around the same time during his first Gymbo class.

…and a couple of months after

This was how he shoots then…

This is how he shoots now…

From a distance na!

I do regret not recording his growth on wall. The only record I have is the one in his baby book that the doctor writes everytime he has a check-up. Maybe it’s not too late to do that now.

I’d like to borrow a quote from Em, “Where’s the pause button?”. These kids are growing up so fast!

How about you moms, have you also noticed how much your babies have changed from last year?


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