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Simply Saturday

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. We had a simple but fun Saturday yesterday and most of which has Lucas as the focal point. No complaints of course. I mean after spending 12-16 hours a day in the office, every minute of the weekend is precious. I bet all working moms can relate to this.

He was at my mom’s during the week so even if Mike and I lack sleep the night before (we got home past 12), we got up early and drove to Cavite to pick him and Yaya up.


He was scheduled for a check up with Doc Vienne. (Enter Doc McStuffins song, “Time for a check up”) It was three months since we last saw Doc and during that time Luke wasn’t as talking as much. Remember how I, and I guess even Doc, was so worried that Luke wasn’t talking yet. So when Doc saw that Lucas is now responsive and sooo talkative, she was extremely happy. She said he was able to catch up and all we need to do is to encourage him to talk more.  Here’s what she said we could do:

  • Instead of just asking him to repeat words, ask him questions that will make him analyze and think. Questions like, “what is Daddy doing?”, or “where do you want to put your car?”
  • Introduce a new word to him everyday
  • Just talk to him more

That’s one of the things I love about Doc Vienne. You can really feel she cares for Lucas.

Lucas seems to be experiencing milk fatigue. He used to drink Nestle Nan but for the past month, he doesn’t want to drink milk anymore. He chugs down yogurt milk though. When we asked Doc Vienne about this, she said it’s actually ok for Lucas to drink yogurt milk, fresh milk, other powdered milk or even soy milk and almond milk. I still don’t know which one would be most appealing to him aside from yogurt milk so I bought another brand of powdered milk and my favorite soy milk in chocolate. Let’s wait and see what he will like. Any other recommendations, moms?


After the check up, we went to BHS and spent an hour in Fully Booked. I always like staying in Fully Booked. Since my trusted Yaya is back, I left Lucas with her at the children’s books area so he can read some books there.  Aside from the books, the best part I like about the store is its stationary area at the lower ground floor. I found these fun notepads for less than Php 100 each. These are great gift ideas for Christmas.


I also saw these really pretty planners. I have been a Starbucks planner collector since 2004 but if this year’s design does not appeal to me, I’ll get one of these.




When I came back to the children’s area, Lucas took my hand and led me to the Eric Carle books and asked me to read some to him. How can I not oblige to this cute kid? Lately he’s a maka-Daddy so I grab any chance he shows sweetness to me.


We had lunch at IHOP. That’s as much as I can say about it. I guess I had high hopes because it created so much buzz when it opened. I like the pancakes because they were fluffy. I had the plate with bacon, eggs, sausages, hash and pancakes. Unfortunately, only the eggs and pancakes stood out from that plate. The place was too crowded, too noisy for me and Lucas too. I don’t hate it but it wasn’t special. I did enjoy watching Lucas eat his fruits. Too cute!


We then visited my suking stores for baking goods. We went to Sucat to get some packaging boxes and ingredients. We also went my newest favorite store right in our neighborhood. I will write about them soon.

Tired from all the running in BHS, the Little Jedi plopped in the car, hugging his new friend, Po from Chengdu, Special thanks to my friend for bringing that for Lucas.


The day didn’t end without a little bit more comedy from the independent little boy.


As soon as he saw me carrying his bath tub, he took it from me, carried it to the bathroom while saying “Take a po bath!” (Take a bath!)

If you haven’t enjoyed your weekend yet, you still have a few hours left. Go on. Enjoy and have a wonderful week ahead!




5 thoughts on “Simply Saturday

    1. Thanks! Alam mo ba I was thinking of how lucky you are to be working there! May opening ba kayo? Haha

      Doc Vienne’s clinic is in St. Luke’s Global Aims 😊

    1. It was! Thank you! 🙂 Yeah talk to your pretty twins more and they will be talking a lot more. They say girls daw develop their speeck faster than boys. Go figure? Not. Haha!

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