Mommy musings

Sensibility in non-sense

When words in your mind like little waves, don’t let it stop. Not for anything except people who matter to you. Because these thoughts are like seconds ticking. They can never happen again, at least not at it’s purest form. Let your mind flow like water and let your hands work like there is no tomorrow. When creativity strikes, remember to catch it. Be spontaneous and senseless sometimes. Senseless people can sometimes make more sense because they think of ideas way ahead that the average many.

Let your words flow from your heart to your pen (in some cases, your keyboard). Thoughts, that are not limited by rules and guidelines, show the most primitive emotion and the strongest passion. We always bound by rules. Once in a while, be free. Think freely, share freely.

How many times have you given yourself the luxury to be vulnerable? How many times have you honestly gone with the flow? Break away from the routine and be creative. Senseless creativity balances life. Have you seen a child doing the most senseless things and yet the smiles and laughter are so genuine and precious.

I write for my son, for my family and close friends. Seldom to I write for myself. Today is one of those instances. Let this nonsense writing leave a print in this blog. Let it remind me that I can choose not to follow rules. These few lines of chaos have aligned my thoughts to sensibility.

When was the last time you were sense and it doesn’t matter. When was the last time you wrote freely? Try it. What seems not to make sense, will.



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