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What’s In A Name?

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Shakespeare

Even before I had Lucas, I had some names in mind to give my child. “Lucas” was actually not one of them. Then I realized that looking for a name for a baby is something that is taken seriously. I bet all moms (and dads) out there would have spent time thinking of what to name their child. When you check out the internet you would have hundreds of names with meanings in English, French, Celtic, etc. Others would name their kids after the grandparents or someone significant. In my lifetime, I am called with so many versions of my name: Maggie, Marie, Magginess, Meygi, Meyji, Maggilla, Maggita, Grace, Margie, etc. My two names are both from my mom and her best friend’s. Others would name their kids from famous telenovela characters. Mama got my brother’s name from Pinoy Comics. Hehe.

As for my son, “Lucas” wasn’t a first choice. His second name, “Gabriel” has been in my mind way before I was married. My guardian angel was said to be Gabriel, the messenger. That’s the reason why I had some attachment to the name. So whether I would have a son or a daughter, my first born would be a “Gabriel”. As for the first name, I wanted something that compliments “Gabriel” and our last name. I wanted something Catholic-sounding. When I was hearing mass some time during my pregnancy, I was drawn to the Gospel of Luke. I realized that the way the Gospel was written is like story-telling. It was easy to listen to. It renewed my faith. Ergo, “Lucas”.

Grabbed from Pinterest

Does a name matter?

I think it does.

I think having an inspiration behind a child’s name is sweet. I mean, we can name our kid anything that we want.  It’s not just a name. It’s how he or she will be identified for the rest of his life. A time will come when he will grow up and ask us, “Where did my name come from?”. I think we all asked that question. A story to his name makes him feel more attached to it, or otherwise. Acceptance of his name will also boost his confidence about himself. Hiding his name could foster insecurity. That is how I see it.

Whats in a Name?
Grabbed from Pinterest


Mike’s rule for naming a kid is simple. It shouldn’t be very common (para walang hit sa NBI), and the initials will not sound funny like Zachary Isaac Tuscany (Z.I.T.) or Percival Ewan Enriquez (P.E.E.). He does make sense too.

However, whatever name I call Lucas, my Little Jedi, Marshmallow Monster, he is and will always mean one thing to me: My Son.

What about you? What’s the story behind your child’s name?


10 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I love the name Lucas! And oh Mags (you didn’t put Mags!!!), I loved the design of the LUCAS you greabbed somewhere. Gusto ko igawa si Raviv using washi tape! Andami kong washi tapes ngayon eh!

  2. Yes I believe that a name matters. When I was picking Maia’s name I imagined her to be someone who will grow up drawn to art and at the same time very patriotic, so I wanted something like Musika, Tala, Bituin, Diwata, Maya (yes, the national bird). But at some point, I’ve met people who bore these names. We ended up picking a foreign sounding name but I feel may weight nga sya with Maia being drawn to art (Isobel was a name from one of the band members of Tibs’ favorite band – Belle and Sebastian, tapos Dido also had a song with that title). Haba na haha. Napa reminisce kasi ako bigla. And Oh I really love Lucas’ name. And yes Dew, Raviv’s as well 🙂

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