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Hooray for Holidays and Baby Showers

Just when I thought October would be a boring month without any holidays, it turned out to be one of my most activity-filled month (by far). Thanks to the unexpected holidays and long weekends.

No we didn’t go out of town. The holidays were spent with friends and families starting of with Aimee’s surprise baby shower.

My favorite blogging mommas-turned-friends online and offline, planned for one of our soul sisters’ baby shower. She’s the first to be pregnant again after we all met so everyone is just giddy with excitement.

Grabbed from Sha: Mars & Lia, D, Ging, Peachy, Aimee, Sha, Dew, Faye, Moi, Erlaine

It started with a Facebook message to everyone, less Aimee of course. The funny thing is we had another ongoing message and this time, she was in it. I’m telling you, I was sooo careful not to send a message about the party on the other thread. It already happened once when I blurted out a party and ruined the surprise!

Anyhoot, the surprise was carried out successfully. We had brunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club in The Fort. Reviews first:


The food was good. I tried the Salpicao with the perfect, runny, sunny-side up egg on a bed of perfect rice.Β The place is cozy and perfect for small gatherings. Good thing Ging was able to make a reservation for us.

Back to Aimee’s shower. I was late and everyone was already settled down, chatting while waiting for their food. I didn’t know if they’ve already announced the surprise so in between greets, I was trying to read everybody’s minds. No avail. Hahaha. So I just asked Erlaine who was seated beside me.

We were our usual chatty selves throughout the meal. I’ve known everyone except for D of the The Soshal Network. It was the first time for me to meet her. She was Hi.La.Rious. She’s as funny as her posts. Naenjoy kita, D! Hahaha.


We were talking about parenting, fashion, makeup, back to parenting and it just did not stop. I think the next meet-up overnight na dapat!

After our meal, Aimee excused herself and stepped out so we took that opportunity to put all the gifts on her seat. When she came back, the look on her face was priceless! It was the sweet look of surprise and confusion and “weh, for real?”. Hehe. I love it that she loves the surprise.

Surprise, Aimee!

Too bad my momnesia struck me that morning. I was too excited to bring these ladies brazo cups that I left Lucas’ gift for ze bebe. I think everyone was happy with the brazo cups though so I’m glad. Aimee even had two. Haha.

Sexy momma. Parang hindi preggers!

The kids were also having fun on the side. My suplado kid was outside running under the heat of the sun. His cousin Cyler joined him after the latter had his fill of fun inside the resto. The blogging moms were well, being blogging moms.

Bloggers will also be mommarazzis πŸ™‚

It as a fun fun holiday well spent with my favorite mommies. We’re missing our other soul sisters but I’m sure everybody will be present for our Christmas playdate. Right sissies?


Read more about the fun pladate from
Aimee, Sha, Dew, D and Peachy.




7 thoughts on “Hooray for Holidays and Baby Showers

  1. i think i was the one who started the conversation thread with aimee in it. πŸ˜‰ and i love the idea of having a slumber party, momma bloggers style. πŸ˜€

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