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Looking for the Next Family Member

Oh wow. Just like that, October has gone. I woke up today asking myself, where the heck has the year gone?? It was just here yesterday, or so it felt. That made realize I should really start documenting our activities more often especially when I look at this little boy who was once just a small munchkin. Wow. Time really does fly.

October has been an activity-filled month for us. Our weekends were well-spent with friends, families. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Tiendesitas. Since Archie passed away, we wanted to get a new dog. Nuggets is a wonderful companion and Lucas’ bestfriend, but my sister and I feels another dog would be just right for the family.

One of the best dogs for children would be a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. They are naturally caring and patient. Perfect for a kid. That’s a first on my list.

Here are other dogs that caught my eye when we visited Tiendesitas:


A Beagle! Oooh these sweethearts are such….sweethearts! I have always loved beagles since I saw that movie about cats and dogs. What I like about them is their size. They are not as small as Shih Tzus but they are not as big as Labs. Beagles are hunting dogs but also playful.

These are Php8,000 per pup. I think the lemon colored ones (two colors) are a little bit more expensive.

Here’s another pup that got my attention.

It’s a handsome Siberian Husky. When I asked how old this pup is, the vendor said it was three months old. Three months! It almost comes up to my waist on its hind legs. It’s huge but so handsome. Huskies are great guard dogs. The downside is its size. Bigger dogs have more coats to shed, need more food to eat, more space to run to. Oh but I would love Lucas to have a pogi big dog beside him. Mmmmaybe when he’s ten.

This pup is Php15,000.

I also saw one of the dogs that I wanted when I was younger.


It’s a Sharpei. I just thought I want one because not a lot of people would want a wrinkly dog like it. If I will get one, I’ll name it Happy.

Are you also contemplating on getting a family dog? Remember a few things when you are:

1. Cost. Different breeds would have different prices. You can buy pups for as low as Php 0.00 (if given as a gift) to as much as Php 30,000- Php 50,000. If money is not an issue, proceed to tip number 2.

2. Purpose. Do you want to get a dog as a guard dog? A sports dog? A toy dog? Don’t just buy a dog because it looks pretty or because it is what everyone has or otherwise. You will always find a dog that you will find attactive in every type.

3. Resources. Every dog has a specific need. Jack Russels, although small, need a lot of space to run around because they are born with that need. It’s a racing dog. Siberian Huskies, Chow Chows and most especially St. Bernards need a cool living place because they naturally have thick coats. Shih Tzus and Beagles need constant attention and play. Be familiar the dog’s natural needs and check if you can provide them.

4. Temperament and characreriatica. Some dogs are more patient than others. Do you have a kid? Short-tempered or easily jealous dogs may not be the best type for your household. Helping dogs like Retrievers and even German Shepherds have better temperament.

5. Readiness. Nope, not the dogs’ readiness. Yours. Are you ready to be a pet owner? Are you ready to take on responsibility? Are you ready to give what these pets really need: love and affection? You see all dogs are loyal and loving to their masters. But not all masters are capable of being loyal and loving to their pets.

And so the quest to look for the next best dog is on! I’ll keep you posted on who the next member of mia familia will be. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Looking for the Next Family Member

  1. Ohh! I want a beagle, too! Kaso my husband got us a German Shepherd instead. He looks scary, but very gentle with the kids (surprising, actually!). It could be because he grew up with our littlest one. He’s very smart, too, and guards US very well. I’d recommend getting a German Shepherd, yun lang this breed needs lots of running space. Very matakaw din, hehe.

    1. German Shepherds
      Are actually very patient dogs. And not to mention loyal! Imagine how cool it would be if The Princess or the Little Man walks your dog. Hehe. Astig.

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