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Weekends with Kuya Aki

Maqui has said it several times and I will say it again: it’s great to have mommy friends living nearby. One of the perks would be impromptu playdates.

I told Maqui that if they want to go for a swim at the condo’s pool, all they need to do is to send me text message. It has been two times already when Aki and Maqui would be swimming at our place but we won’t be joining them. One weekend, we finally got to swim with them!



Kuya Aki is so brave and loves the water so much. When they were done swimming, Aki was already a mulatto. Hehe.


Next time the ate’s or the dads should join us so Maqui and I can do a lot of chikahan hehe.

We also had a weekend when Dom of Studio invited us for a photoshoot. One of the photos that I want Lucas to have is with friends. He doesn’t realize it yet but Kuya Aki is already one of his childhood friends. I hope they stay to be good friends even when they are older.

The two spent a Halloween Trick or Treat too but i’ll share that on a different post.


I am so grateful that Maqui is living nearby and that she has a wonderful son. I love that Aki plays with Lucas and even gives a hug and kiss like a real Kuya (Maqui, he’s ready to be a Kuya na!).


Moms, these are not exclusive playdates. If you happen to be in the area, send me a message and we can have an impromptu playdate with Maqui and Aki. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekends with Kuya Aki

  1. ako na ang huli! anova ako!
    thank you for always welcoming us. pag malinis na ang bahay ko, welcome rin kayo dito samin.
    mapapabili ako ng bagong swimsuit ng di oras. pare pareho na lang suot ko sa lahat ng swimming photos natin. hehe

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