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Baking Suppliers in Parañaque: Just Bake It!

Ok. I admit. I have been a busy worker and a lazy blogger. I have also been a quite busy with a slowly growing business (no complaints here, thank you very much). Just like tonight, I finished a batch of cakepops for a friend who ordered them. No special occasion, just for personal consumption. I hope she likes it!

My brazo cups are also starting to become a hit. Yesterday, I delivered two dozens, at 6 in the morning.

A couple of months ago, it would be next to impossible to take orders within a week. One reason would be my corporate job. You know that I have been spending an average of 10-12 hours a day at work. Sometimes, 18 hours even. Another reason would be my supplies. The nearest baking supplies stores I knew were in Sucat. Going there could be a hassle especially if I only need one kind of material. I remember baking pops and I do not have enough sticks. Just that. I had to go to Sucat to buy just that.

The baking gods heard my prayer and granted my wish: A new baking supplies store opened in Betterliving last August. It’s literally 5 kembots (hip shake) away!

Just bake it has EVERYTHING a baker needs.

They have sprinkles, cutters, molds, and cake mix
Pans, tips, cups, liners, preserved fruits, toppers
Aaaaall types of packaging, and ingredients


Chocolates, sticks, nuts, boxes

They have a quaint place along Doña Soledad in Betterliving. What I really like about this place is the customer service. Just when I thought customer service is dead in SMEs, I discovered this place. Arlene, the General Manager, is always a sunshine whenever I go here. She is always accommodating and even spends time talking to the customers. She lets us try new products like the butterscotch chips that was soooo good. I have to remember buying some soon. She shares her knowledge on baking and really does build rapport with everyone. The rest of the staff is the same. I never saw them without a smile. It’s contagious!

One of the best experiences I had with them is when I needed one ingredient and I knew that their store will be closed by the time I get home. Good thing Mike has their number and he sent them a text message asking if we can just pick it up somewhere. I knew that they deliver but a minimum order is required. I did not need anything else then except for that one item. It was a long shot to ask but I was pleasantly surprised when Mike told me that they will not only take my order, they will even deliver it at our place. That was passed store hours! Talk about wonderful service!

This is one of my newest happy place. Going there is therapeutic. I actually visit them every Saturday and it is always a pleasant experience.


If you want to know more about Just Bake It and the products they sell, check out their Facebook Page here.



5 thoughts on “Baking Suppliers in Parañaque: Just Bake It!

  1. Congrats Maggie!!! I knew those brazo cups would be a hit. OK lng ‘yan kahit hindi ka na masyadong nagba-blog–you’re an excellent cook! I want to tell you too that Randy now eats squid ball, thanks to your fishball sauce recipe! Grabe sarap na sarap si Randy!

    Is the baking supplies store along the airport OK? Yun lang ang nakita ko eh, haha!

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