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Hope is not lost

I woke up Saturday morning at 4am with the wind howling. It was threatening and scary. Little did I know it was a harrowing farewell from typhoon Yolanda which was leaving the Philippines.

Tacloban is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines.

From I love Tacloban website
From Tacloban hotels website

Three days after the possibly strongest typhoon to hit land struck the Southern part of my country, the devastation keeps on pouring in social media sites. Every image is just heart wrenching.

Eva Jocelyn
From Shipwreck log
From Inquirer News
Photo by Romeo Roneco
Photo by Linus Guardian Escandor II

Times like these call for real people power. Not the kind that stops tanks or war but more some thing more terrifying: loss of hope.

Wherever you are in the world, please send out your help to the victims of the typhoon. It could be in any form: prayer, words of support and encouragement, relief goods, financial assistance, medicine. Anything is valuable to people who have lost everything or everyone. You may check out the list of institutions that accept donations for the typhoon here and here.

Let us be the help that they need. Let us be the foundation that will help them build their homes. Let us be the hope that they thought they lost.


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