Little Jedi

About Lucas: On Preferences, obsessions and clingyness

It  has been a while since I last posted on my blog. A lot has been going on in the household particularly with the Little Jedi.

I have mentioned before that he has been Dadi-clingy lately. He has obsession with cars right now. He also likes to throw stuff around. Put those two together and you get broken toy cars.

The small piece is a Matchbox car. Even that did not survive the Little Jedi

Good thing I discovered these plastic cars (BPA free) in Big and Small Co. What I like about these cars is that it has the wheels molded into the body, ergo, they won’t come off no matter how hard the little boy throws it. It’s also light so whatever or whoever is the target will not get hurt. Mind you, Lucas has a very good aim. The best part is that it is only Php 50.00 each for the small ones and Php100 for the bigger ones.

He has several of these already
Let’s see how long these will last. Looks promising though.

His obsession to cars also led him to like riding in these arcade rides. He used to hate them but now, he enjoys it a lot.

His favorite car in Quantum, Powerplant Mall

He even got a girl to ride with him. Wait, what?

Whooooo is thaaaat girl!?

I also mentioned that Lucas is really displaying terrible-ness on his second year and I feel right now is at its peak. He already knows how to make a fake cry that builds into a real and frustrated one. He especially does this at morning and before we go to bed at night. Too bad for the husband because he only looks for him. Even I am being pushed away. I still can’t figure out why though. I guess it is still a stage that needs to take its course.




Another obsession that he has is Hi5. He has memorized the songs (or so he and I think) as well as the dance steps of the kids’ show. I actually enjoy it too because they are entertaining, educational and engaging. I highly recommend this to parents. My Little Jedi has learned a lot from the show. Of course limit the TV time to just an hour a day.

Image grabbed from Google

He is still a picky-eater and Doc Vienne said we should start giving him Mosegor again as soon as he finishes his current vitamins. He does love chicken and pancit or anything with noodles. Tita Sha and Tita Mars, bring him nga to a good Ramen place. Where do you recommend?

Oh but what I like most about him of late is that he would say the word “Mami” in the sweetest, gentlest way. I love it. #simplejoys

Have a good week ahead everyone!


2 thoughts on “About Lucas: On Preferences, obsessions and clingyness

  1. Try Santouka at Glorietta, cuz. It’s beside Mercury and Tous le jour, and in front of F21, SM Makati. We love their ramen there, actually everything! 🙂

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