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Bazaar! Bazaar! Christmas 2013

I am so proud of myself! I am 80% done with my Christmas shopping by 1st of December! It’s a far cry from my experience the previous year when I was rambling to buy gifts as late as the 23rd. Geez. 20% comes from the baked goods that I will be giving away and my husband’s because I still don’t know what to get him or what he wants. He doesn’t want anything! I don’t know if I will be happy about it or not.

Anna Bananna bags

Anyhoo, I this year was all about bazaars. I realize that I like sponsored bazaars more than the malls. For so many reasons:
1. You find some really unique items in bazaars. If you are looking for fun, crazy and unique items, bazaars carry some of the most creative items I have seen.
2. I supporting entrepreneurs. They say this is the generation for SMEs and anything creative. I particularly like products that are locally-made.


Paper Chic Studio na kahit saan makikita

3. I like supporting mompreneurs. Being a mom and with an aspiring business, I have great respect for mompreneurs. They inspire me.

Neva of Manila Baby Shop


Project Happy shop (photo grabbed from Ging’s FB page)

4. And of course you can always find great deals in bazaars.



I loooove my Punchdrunk Panda shoes!!!


What are your plans this weekend? If you’re planning to go to a bazaar, this weekend is actually when major bazaars open.

Happy shopping!


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