Mom at work

What a Week

I am so glad it’s the weekend. It has been a tough week for me. I haven’t been feeling very well. In fact as I type my post today, I am in my bed with some abdominal pain. I had a tough day at work last Tuesday and when I got home at 11pm I started throwing up and experienced the same four times that night. Wednesday morning I was experiencing the same thing so Mike brought me to the hospital. In Asian Hospital I did a couple of lab tests and the doctor diagnosed me to have Vertigo and UTI. Both can cause vomiting in severe cases.


After taking meds through IV and after showing improvement, I was sent home to get some more rest. The next day I was at work and today I experienced vomiting again. This time I had abdominal pains and the nurse suspected that this is still caused by UTI. I was sent home.

So here I am, in my blanket, nursing whatever ailment I have. Maybe they are right. I guess my body is trying to tell me something. I think I need to start considering my health (physically and mentally). Of late I have been spending long hours in the office (my record is 20 hours) and start prioritizing. I do have life outside of work. I have my beautiful son, my family, and my friends. I have my blog, my baking, my reading. With so many things going on, I do not really need something that will cost me my health and sanity. This experience is really giving me a different perspective and consideration of other options. Maybe I should be a WAHM? Change my work habit? Change work?

One thing is clear. I want to be a mom and a wife. Whether I am working or working at home, I need to be spending more tme on these two roles. These are roles that I will never retire from yet would be able to give me the best benefits no company could give. I don’t mind “working” for these two bosses.


So I am hoping to feel better this weekend so I can do my two favorite roles.

Happy weekend everyone! Stay healthy!




5 thoughts on “What a Week

  1. I have vertigo too and normally hanggat hindi ko naiivomit i wont feel better. At hindi na yata sya nacucure, pwede mo lang iwasan ang mga triggering factors. Hey you should slow down. 20 hrs isn’t good for your health 😦

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