Little Jedi

Halloween Playdate

It’s about time to share Lucas’ Halloween party experience last October. I admit, I am a bad mom not to prepare for the Halloween. Remember last year? This year, I didn’t buy any costume and didn’t even paid attention to the Halloween party announcement posted on the elevator of the condominium. Ugh. Good thing proactive mommy Maqui asked if she and Aki can go so even if I wasn’t able to register the kids I said “YES!”.


Maqui lent us Aki’s Hogwart’s cloak and I love it! At first Lucas didn’t want to wear it but eventually he didn’t mind anymore. Thanks for the cloak Maqui! Aki was a Viking! Complete with a “steel” ball and helmet. Maqui said that the costume was DIY. Galing! Check out the details on Aki’s shoes and wrist. Maqui is the ultimate DIY diva I tell you.

Thank you Maqui for lending us the cloak!

There were so many people, kids and adults alike. There were people lining up for the pre-registered tickets. There were also people lining up for extra tickets because they were not able to register. We were part of that. I was a bit disappointed that the event was disorganized. It was confusing and not well executed.

Anyhoot, the two kids ran around the lawn of the clubhouse. In fairness, the decorations this were were far better than last year. Not to mention resourceful.


The Little Wizard

Aki enjoyed hitting the “ghosts” on the lawn while the Little Wizard ran around.

You’re no match with a Viking, ghost!

Dear husband has been so supportive. He was there all the time. 


We finally retired from the party because we heard that the trick or treat will start around 7 PM. I thought it was going to be a failed trick or treat day for the two boys. Good thing the lady guard in our building came to rescue. I asked if we can get some candies for Lucas and Aki. When she said yes, I was only expecting a handful. I was pleasantly surprised that she filled the boys’ buckets with candy! Thank you, Ate!

Full to the brim

So even if it was a semi-failed Halloween party, it was still fun. Thank you Aki and Maqui. Thank you Kuya Aki for playing with Lucas. He is still looking for you until now. “Kuwa Aki”, says he every time he sees Aki’s photo. Promise, we’ll find a better Halloween party next year! 🙂


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