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New Year, New Hope

Happy new year everyone!

I am so inspired for the year. I can feel it in my follicles that this is going to be a great year for me. I would like to make a run down of the most memorable events in 2013 but I would rather share what I am looking forward to this year.

First, a major change is happening to the family. We’re moving to Cavite! Yeeees you read that right! Mama retired last year and since she is just left alone at home and doesn’t want to get a yaya, we decided to move in with her. Mike’s 100% ok with it. It will also translate to many opportunities for us too, primarily finally having a relative look after my growing baby boy. Every time Lucas stays with Mama, he learns something new. Yes, it’s a long drive to work (for Mike) but that means more time to blog for me. Hehehe.

We’ll be enrolling Lucas to school this year also. Doc Vienne gave us the green light to send him to school already. Alam nyo naman ako, obedient to doctor’s orders. Especially if that’s Doc Vienne.

I look forward to more opportunities in our career, my business,
and hopefully, travelling.

2013 has been an interesting year. 2014 looks bright for me and hopefully to you as well.

Cheers to our 2014!


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