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That Kind of Feeling

Have you ever experienced feeling so stupid? You  know that feeling that you just want to give yourself a good kick on the head with five-inch stilettos? That’s how I feel right now.


Because I did not renew my passport.

I am invited to a team meeting in India on the 21st. Now I am wallowing and taking in the fact that I might not be going.

Because I did not renew my passport.

I can feel the opportunity slipping right out of my hands every second that passes by.

Because I did not renew my passport.

Yesterday, I was feeling stressed out trying to find ways to get an appointment to DFA.

Because I did not renew my passport.

This morning I was begging the guy at the information desk of DFA to allow me to have my passport processed.

Because I did not renew my passport.

Now I am waiting for a formal letter of invitation from India so I can present it as proof of business travel and I have been anxious for six hours.

Because I did not renew my passport.

Here I am typing these words down, feeling like I have just been awarded the Ms. Stupidity award 2014 and it’s just the start of the year.

Because I did not renew my passport.

What did I learn and am learning from this experience? The same old cliche’s our parents teachers, bosses, and every motivational book did. Only this time, they make stronger impact, sense and value to me.

1. Never put off what you can finish today.

2. Be prepared all the time.

3. Opportunity knocks once.

4. Save up for the rainy day.

5. Renew your passport.

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10 thoughts on “That Kind of Feeling

  1. You still got 11 days, Maggie.

    Here’s something na pang palubag loob. While you are nanghihinaying kasi baka hindi ka makaabot on the 21st for the team meeting in India, may taong gustong maging alikabok because of the possibility na mapadala siya sa India.. for 1 month! hahaha. Worst case scenario? Baka mag extend pa siya! Lol. Kaya in case hindi kami makapunta sa birthday ni Lucas, alam na! 😦

  2. Mags I’ll ask at work. I think I had a co-worker who needed to get immediate extension on her passport and only had 2 weeks to do it last year (just cant put a face to it so di ko ma text but will ask everyone at work). Parang the DFA can grant you exemption or something. Let you know Monday what I find out.

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