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Staycation at Canyon Woods

I just love the cold crisp air of the morning! I love the fresh breeze on my face when I walk. If there’s anything that can make my day aside from my Little Jedi’s hugs and giggles, it would be a bright sunny morning with cold wisp of air. Bliss.

You can just imagine my joy when my Aunt invited us to their lovely lovely home at Canyon Woods during the holidays.

We came from another Aunt’s birthday in Quezon City and drove straight to Tagaytay after. Mike has NEVER driven to Tagaytay. He’s always the passenger. Now, husband dearest never, does not, will never like long drives. So days before the vacay, I applied what I learned from my Psychology classes in college and conditioned him that it is going to be a short drive since it was the holidays, it was a Sunday, we’ll be going there in the afternoon…yadda…yadda…

I was right…until we passed Sta. Rosa. The drive from QC to Sta. Rosa was pretty smooth. When we were passing through PMPA, the sprint suddenly turned to a crawl. After Tagaytay City, the traffic was light going to Canyon Woods but it was already dark, we were not familiar with the roads and we passed by zigzaging roads. Good thing the Little Jedi was with us to keep our moods up.


All in all it took us six hours to get to Canyon Woods.

Since we were all tired, after the delicious bulalo dinner that my Aunt prepared for us,my little family snoozed the night away while my mom and Aunt did some catching up.

It was the morning that brought us the reward for the long ride/drive. Cold, crisp air.  Sunny morning. Fabulous view.


Mike said it reminded him of the suburbs in Canada.


Lucas enjoyed our morning walk too. Too bad I didn’t bring my running shoes. It would have been a perfect place for a morning jog.




After another power breakfast of danggit and dried squid, eggs, fried rice (darnit I’m getting hungry just thinking about it), we prepared to spend the day in Tagaytay City. We planned to leave at 8am but because the house was so inviting and cozy, we took our time and left around 11am.


We had lunch at Sky Ranch. Four hours, a crowded theme park with long lines and a lost parking ticket later, we decided yo go back and just relax at my Aunt’s home.

It was staycation at its best. Chatting with family, catching up on life’s events over sweet wine and cheese, seeing the Little Jedi run around enjoying himself…and videoke…painted a perfect picture of my kind of holiday. The cool breeze gave a literal meaning to the word “chillax”.

Mami, can I swim?
Mami can I ride Ate Maddie’s bike?

We left on New Year’s Eve but I did wish we stayed longer. My Aunt invited us again in May. I cannot wait for a summer staycation with family again.


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