Mom at work

Now Boarding

I can’t remember the last time I traveled on air alone. I definitely have never gone out of the country alone. But now I am. I’m making the most out of the waiting time for my flight by squeezing in a quick blog post.

I almost did not make it to this trip. Remember my post about my passport? Well let’s just say the odds were in my favor and my passport and my visa made it in time for my travel. I’ll be a day late but that’s better than not being able to go at all.

I hate to leave the Little Jedi and the husband for days and if not for work and the opportunity this trip could bring, I’d rather stay home. It’s just going to be a couple of days and I am just hoping to learn a lot from this trip and that the hotel I’m staying in has good wifi connection.

So here I am, India-bound. The land of wonderful spices, colors and the taj mahal. It’s going to be interesting, i can feel it in my fingertips. Stay tuned for my mom-at-work stories.



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