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A Week in India

I’m baaaack! Actually yesterday pa. But I was so exhausted I just spent the day sleeping. Feeling may jetlag but India’s just two hours behind. Haha. Actually the flight was really exhausting because I left India at 11:30 PM, had a lay-over in Bangkok for three hours before flying again to Manila. I got here around 11:45 AM. I immediately called Mike:

Me: Hun, I’m at the airport na. Actually i’m still on the plane (ooops. Hey, we’ve already landed! I’m just excited so shhhhh)

Mike: I just dropped off Mama and I’m on my way to pick you up. Di bale mga hour ka pa dyan. Mahaba pila sa Immigration. (Don’t worry, you’ll still be there for an hour. There will be a long queue at the Immigation)

After ten minutes, I called him again:

Me: San ka na?

Mike: Las Piñas. Why?

Me: Walang pila sa Immigration! (There is no queue at the Immigration) I’m just waiting for my luggage!


I had three flight options going to India: Thai Airways with layover in Bangkok, Malaysian Airlines with layover in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore airlines with layover in Singapore. I wanted to take Singapore airlines because it only had a 1 hour layover but the price was Php 6,000 more. I knew my boss would not approve it so I opted for Thai Airways. In case you decide to go to Mumbai, the earliest Thai Airways flight is 11:30 AM Manila time which will arrive in Mumbai at 10:22 PM India time (that’s 2AM Manila time). It was pretty exhausting but I am happy with the services of Thai Airways. We left on time and the crew were very friendly. The food was pretty good too especially the breakfast I had on my flight back to Manila.



I had a great time in India. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go around and do some sight-seeing because I was at the hotel most of the time. I was there for a planning session and it was also held at the same hotel where I was staying, The Beatle. By the time we finish, it was already dark. Speaking of hotel, check out my room:


When I saw it for the first time, I immediately loved the colors! It was so….India. The wall was painted with a peacock (I only noticed this on my last night hehe), and I love that bed runner or whatever you call it. It was a really nice and spacious room. Too bad I didn’t have someone to share it with otherwise my counterparts would’ve booked a suite. It had a Jacuzzi in it!

More colors of India at the hotel lobby.


 India sort of reminded me of some parts in Manila, until I saw this:


The only time I was able to go out of the hotel room was Thursday night when I shopped for thirty minutes. The Indians are so proud of their ethnic wear that it is also considered as a business casual attire. During my first day, a leader and the trainer were both wearing a traditional Sari and about 5 or 6 of my team were in Kurta/Kameez (I still can’t figure out which is which).

Sari – Image grabbed from Google
Kameez – Image grabbed from Google

 The traditional ethnic wear is also considered as a business casual attire in India. You see it everywhere.


I immediately fell in love with it. So when I got the chance to do some thirty-minute shopping (the store was about to close in thirty minutes when we got there), I knew I had to get some ethnic wear. I got some Kurta/Kameez that night. I will share with you my other Indian finds on my succeeding post.

I was privileged to be staying in the hotel and try out Indian food from the hotel. Some were pretty good and up to my palate. There were some that were really spicy and some that weren’t spicy but had strong spices like Turmeric and Cardamom. There were times when I would opt for more western dishes. I loved the desserts though, both Indian and Western.

The architecture in Mumbai are very Classic British. There weren’t a lot of skyscrapers (I don’t remember seeing one) like what you see in Manila. Too bad I wasn’t able to go to the Gateway.


What I like most about my short stay in India would be the people. Contrary to what has been shared in the news or the stereotype, Indians are warm like Pinoys. The ones I’ve met are all very friendly and the women are generous with hugs. They have strong inputs during conversations but they are also accommodating. The bunch I met are also funny and fun-loving.




I can sum up India in word one: colorful. I love that they embrace tradition but they still have welcomed the modern. Next time I go there I’ll be sure to be a tourist for a day and do some sight seeing. For now, I am happy I was able to go there but I am happier to be back home with my two boys especially this little one’s smile.












3 thoughts on “A Week in India

  1. Aaaaw. Your post makes me want to tag along. I told Khan to bring his camera para madaming photos, but as it looks, mukhang plan niya magstay lang sa hotel.

    I looove the Kameez that you bought! It looks good on you 🙂

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