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Dear Lucas,

Three. That’s how old you are now. You are growing up fast, and smart. You had a lot of milestones last year:

You started talking a lot more.

You have discovered so many things like the joy of jumping on the bed  or how fun it is to pretend that you’re driving Dadi’s car.

You can easily express yourself now, making you more curious and to my joy, more persistent. You are a determined, kid that’s for sure.

You have been so malambing  to Dadi and I couldn’t be happier. We have our moments too especially of late.

You have learned how to count things (and not just memorize the sequence). You say fifteen the cutest way: FIVE-teen. Ok, we have to correct that soon. I also saw you develop problem solving skills last year and I am glad you do it not because of luck but because of logic. You have that “this leads to that so that leads to this” kind of way to do things.

We started last year with tears and tantrums. We ended it with more giggles and laughter.

My son, this year is going to be bigger for all of us. You will be starting school this year. You will have so many more discoveries. You will gain more friends. You will learn more things around you inside and outside of our home. Don’t be nervous. Mami and Dadi has your back all the time. We may not be the perfect parents, Lucas, but your Dadi and I share one prayer: that is for you to be a happy little boy who knows what real happiness really means. We love you, kid. To the moon and back. Happy happy birthday my Little Jedi.





6 thoughts on “Three

  1. Happy 3rd birthday to Lucas. Been reading your post for a while. I got here thru Maqui. I met her last year pa, but it was just last December that I finally met them. Well, hope I can join you on your playdates.. If only we are in Manila… anyway, Happy 3rd again to Lucas. 🙂

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