Little Jedi

Weekend With Lucas

Hi everyone! Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope you had a sweet one. I spent mine with my Little Jedi and husband dearest last Sunday. Weekend is Lucas day. I had a terrible week but good thing I always come home to my little guy. I was so busy on Saturday because I was baking all day for an order of 100 cakepops and cookies combined so my Sunday should be well spent with Lucas.

We delivered the goodies in Ayala Southvale. The clubhouse was a nice venue for events. Lucas saw the pool and he looked like he wanted to jump in.

You want to take a dip, Little Jedi?
This was a contender for my 52 weeks project for week 7 🙂

After the delivery, we went straight to Alabang Town Center (ATC) so Lucas can get a haircut. His hair grows slow and even if it gets longer, he still looks good with it. On our way to Southvale, I saw him scratching his eye because his hair already reached his eyes so I knew it was time for a haircut. We would normally bring him to Cuts for Tots in Glorietta but since we moved in the South already, I had to look for a different provider.

These shop locators are very useful. It would have taken me less than 30 seconds to find a kids’ salon if it wasn’t for a certain somebody who kept on typing different letters along with me.



I found B-Bums Kids Salon in Gaisano Mall (connected to ATC). Lucas, being Lucas, of course hated getting the haircut but I am impressed with the stylist because she knows how to talk to him. She was very patient and found every way to calm Lucas down. The lollipop that she gave did the trick…somehow. He was still crying the whole time but at least he wasn’t bawling as much.


B-Bums is located at the 2nd floor of Alabang Town Center beside Shakeys and a haircut is Php250. Not bad, I must say.

I promised Lucas before we went in B-Bums that we will ride the train that was right outside the salon. The sight of the train lit up his tear-stained face. He was showing his “happy face” to me, every time I asked for it, during the train ride.


This is his happy face (sorry for the blurred shot).



He also has a surprised face but I haven’t had the chance to capture it.

After that, my little date and I went to meet Mike in Chili’s (his favorite resto) and have our usual. If you happen to dine there, order the Honey Chipotle chicken fingers. Best.Spicy.Chicken.Fingers.Ever.

Sweet, spicy, crispy, savory, divine.

Since Lucas had lunch and Mike and I didn’t, he just shared the fries and lemonade with me. He loves lemonade. He calls it water. He calls actual water “agua”. I’ve corrected the former. I told him lemonade is lemonade and not water. He can still call water “agua”. I think it’s cute.

Speaking of cute Lucas is saying some cute phrases now:

“Oh no! What happened?”

“Thank you Mami” and if I don’t answer him back he’ll say, “Welcome Lucas”

Me: “What’s you’re name? Say, ‘My name…'”

Lucas: “is  Yucas”

Me: “Gabriel”

Lucas: “Achuchin!”(Agustin!”)

Anyway, I’m digressing. Back to our Sunday. After our meal, we went to Time Zone so Lucas can ride the carousel.

Why so serious, Little Jedi?

Lucas also had his first game of basketball. In fairness, he shoots good! Looks like we have a new favorite game to play.




I was planning on having dessert but I was still so full so after the time at the amusement area, we decided to head home. Oh the joy of spending time with my Little Jedi. It’s so much fun to see him enjoying his day, chatting with me (he’s a chatterbox nowadays), and be a sweetheart. Yes, my son is my life and my joy. I will forever be grateful I have him.


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