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When Patty and I saw Phantom of the Opera in 2012, I was praying that Wicked will be shown here in Manila. I told her if that happens, I am buying front row seats to the show!

Fast forward to February 9, 2014, I was seated at the front AND center row of the CCP, teary eyed, watching Elphaba defy gravity.

When I heard rumors of Wicked coming to Manila as early as January of 2013, I was already giddy and my ears were all open for any news of confirmation. Then my frien. R, texted me, “Mags, Wicked. January 2014”. I squealed and did cartwheels in my head (I was in the office). Who did I tell it to next? Patty of course. Good thing R said that he can get tickets as early as October with discount because he was a VISA cardholder. Patty and I hesitated for a bit when we saw the ticket prices (it was more expensive than Phantom) but finally decided to give it a go when R said he saw that the Emerald Seats (Orchestra) were slowly filling up. Little did I know that he got us THE best seats, in my opinion. I don’t know how I managed to wait until February since I got the eticket, but I did.

Here’s what I was wearing for the Gala show.

Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Mom’s closet, Shoes: Uh…I wasn’t able to check :p

So there we were, with the orchestra below us, the Clock of the Time Dragon right above us (I was silently praying it’s made of carton), watched Elphaba, Glinda, Fiyero, The Wizard and the rest of the cast perform.

Clock of the Time Dragon

I remember Dew’s post when she saw the Phantom and she was also seated front row. She wasn’t kidding when she said you will see saliva flying because you are that close to the stage. More than that, you can really see the emotions on the characters’ faces.

The backdrop

Wicked is a very entertaining show. It was amazing, astounding, astonishing. I can give it a wonderful description with every letter in the alphabet. The production was unbelievable, the songs gave me goosebumps and the story was sublime. Phantom was also great but it was so heavy. I was crying with a heavy heart after that show.


Wicked will leave you crying with so much joy. That’s the magic of the show.  I have to applaud Suzie Mathers (Glinda/Galinda) and Jenna Rix (Elphaba) for their commitment and passion and great talent. The show was spellbinding.


You can still catch Wicked at the Cultural Center of the Philippines until March 9, 2014.

P.S. I wonder what they will bring next? 🙂



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