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Little Jedi Turns 3 Part Un: Party Theme and Venue

This is a super late post but nonetheless it’s worth writing about. I was excited for the Little Jedi’s birthday this year for many reasons. One, it’s the first time for Lucas’ bday to fall on a Saturday. The date itself is calling for a party. Second, he has reached so many milestones in the past year that are worth celebrating. Third, I have so many wonderful people in my life whom I would love to invite to celebrate with us. You see, when we celebrated his first birthday, there weren’t a lot of kids to party with us. But now, we know a lot and I wanted to invite them and their families!

Deciding on the theme was a bit tricky. We initially decided on Hi-5 because the Little Jedi was crazy about the show.

Pic grabbed from Google

We were ok with it until a brilliant friend of ours (that’s you, Eumir) asked if Lucas was already 5. It got me thinking and I told Mike that others might think the same thing. That’s when we changed the theme to a yellow party. Yellow is Lucas’ favorite color. He loves his yellow car, his yellow chair and yellow shirts.

To incorporate the yellow theme in the party, I had several elements in mind. The loot bags, decorations, dessert goodies and attire should be yellow.


We held the party in Jollibee Molito in Alabang. Since we cannot request for all the balloons to be yellow, we brought our own and placed it all over the party venue and on the floor. It added to the brightness of the room. Plus, when the kids saw the balloons on the floor, they went crazy, my son included




Dessert station

I think I have established myself as some sort of a baker and designer. For treats, I made some yellow cakepops. I used yellow paper straws for sticks just to emphasize the theme a little bit more. I also baked some sugar cookies with an airplane and ice cream design. For the cake, we opted for a store bought cake since we are not allowed to serve it to the guests. I placed some yellow sparklers and a yellow number three candle for blowing.







Loot bags

Ok I have to be honest, I wasn’t too happy with how the theme was incorporated in the loot bags. I just bought a yellow plastic loot bag that I got from Divi. After buying it, I saw some really nice yellow eco bags being sold and wished I bought those instead. Oh well. If you are throwing a party, eco bags would make nice loot bags.



I asked the guests to come in yellow. Some did, some didn’t. I was happy nonetheless that they just came to the party. I mean c’mon who am to feel bad when my own husband is not in yellow. 🙂

IMG_8501 IMG_8540 IMG_8164

I really fell in love with the theme. Yellow made the party looked more festive and fun and happy. Looking at the photos, which was taken by Dom of Studio 2716, the color just made the party look happier.

More about Lucas’ party in succeeding posts!


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