Mom at work

India Finds

Last January, I was privileged enough to go to India and meet the rest of the Learning and Department team. I didn’t have the time to do some sight seeing but I was able to do some quick shopping in one of the malls and well, the airport.

India has so many colorful decorations and clothes and what-nots.

I bought these nice India Kurta that I can wear traditionally…


Or with a modern style.


I could not believe that this kameez was a traditional wear in India! It’s lovely and a perfect summer dress.


It was difficult to choose an ethnic attire. I had so many pretty options.



I got my Mama and sister these bracelets and bangles



The shop where I got these also sold these lovely earrings. I didn’t buy them. They were a little too expensive for me.

I would love to have bought some of these home decorations.




Colorful, right?

My favorite find was actually given to me. Meet Tara. My little bobble head Indian Princess. She’s beautiful right?


It’s been a while since I did some traveling. What it reminded me is that there will always be something beautiful to find anywhere you go. A true traveler finds beauty anywhere and everywhere.

What about you? What are your favorite travel finds?


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