Little Jedi


I got upset with Lucas last night. I told him to go to his bed and sleep. He didn’t. I told him he shouldn’t go near Dadi because he’s sick. He didn’t. Oh and he stood on my phone. While I was talking to him, he slapped my hand.

I did not like the last action.

I do not want my son to think that it’s ok to hurt people physically. I gave him a time out. He was not crying but I knew he knew he was wrong. I told him to go to his bed. He obliged. I told him to say sorry to me.

He didn’t say anything.

He then asked for my phone but I said, “No, Lucas. I haven’t heard you say sorry. And Mami’s upset.” I told him it’s not nice to hurt people. I thought he didn’t understand what I was saying because he did not say anything. It was a good ten minutes of nothing but silence from the Little Jedi.

Just when I thought he had fallen asleep, I heard him say it.


My heart melt.

I went to him, gave him a hug and told him, “Thank you, anak. I love you. ” I explained to him why I got upset and asked him not to do it again.

Lucas would normally say “Oops! Sowi!” if he made a mistake. He never said sorry to me nor to anyone. Until last night. He understood. I think he did. He understood that I was upset. I think he understood what sorry really meant. He sounded really “sowi”.

Children are never too young to be taught values. In fact values are best taught to children. I have always believed that parents are responsible however children turn out to be. Prior to their exposure to the world, children learn everything first at home and from the people around them.

My boss advised me not to do or say things to my child if I cannot handle it in the future. Don’t say yes to everything now that they are young if you cannot say yes to everything in the future. If they slap people now (even if it doesn’t hurt yet), are you ok if he slaps people in the future? If you let them do or eat anything they want, can you still do that in the future? Are you ok with it? These are questions that us, parents, should think. We want to prepare our children for adolescence and adulthood, right? The preparation starts as soon as the mom rears the baby.

As for Lucas, it is still my goal to teach my son the right values that will guide him when he grows up. Values that he can also teach to his future children.


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