Little Jedi

Gotta Love Weekend

Weekends are love. No matter how tiring the week has been, my weekend will always be about my son and my husband from Saturday morning until we sleep together on Sunday.

This weekend was just as lovely as our other weekends. We had a bake date with Maia and Faye and we had our usual family date.



After hearing mass, we went to our favorite resto in Alabang Town Center. Mike and I both agree that for as long as there is Chili’s, it is going to be a family tradition to have lunch there at least once a month. Apart from good food, we both like how family friendly the ambiance is.Β The staff is also well-trained and they know how to make their customers happy, including the kids. They even gave Lucas (and all the other kids) balloons.


We spent some time in Fully Booked in ATC. It was my first time to visit the store even if we have been going to the mall almost every week. It wasn’t as big as the one in Bonifacio High Street but the Littel Jedi didn’t mind. He enjoyed looking and “reading” books there. I was actually happy that he can read some of the words already. My nightly teaching is paying off. πŸ™‚


We went to Gaisano supermarket to buy some groceries. I was pleasantly surprised to find good products and produce there. I particularly love their International section. They carry imported products that are rarely seen on other supermarkets.


We have officially joined the Time Zone bandwagon. I read some of my mommy friends sharing how their kids and husbands love spending time in the arcade. Well, Lucas and Mike are no exception. I am just hoping they won’t get stuck playing basketball in the arcade. I’d rather have them play ball in a court. #soccermom #momofmvp :p


I am just so happy that weekend is just a cartwheel (or an eggroll) away. Woohoo! That means more memories to make, more pictures to take, more time to spend with the family. We all love weekends, don’t we?



9 thoughts on “Gotta Love Weekend

  1. I wanna join too! I want to learn how to make cookies hindi ako marunong. LOL!

    And of course we do love weekends too! Weekends are so precious especially for us,working moms! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Maggie weekeend are indeed precious πŸ™‚ super! Very minute counts and I dread Sun night but still make the most of it. I only get to see weegee every weekend kaya pag sa IG i make sure I upload it, gives me joy as a working mom (the sentimental mom) Cheers to a great weekend and precious moments! See you in IG!

    1. I love seeing your weekend photos too Pie. Your little man is not so little anymore nga. Handsome still πŸ™‚ i hope we could meet up soon!

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