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A tribute to Mayolo


He was my Papa.

He was the most loving, funniest and most selfless man I know. I was Papa’s baby girl and he kept on showing me that even when I became an adult. I remember when I was young he would give me my heart’s wishes as much as he can. When I grew older Papa would always stay up late waiting for me to come home whether I came from school, from a party or, even when I was working, from the office. He’d be upset if I come home late but he would always be there waiting for me to come home.

Papa was the most patient father. I was never a perfect daughter but I count the number of times he lost his temper to me.

He is the sweetest Papa and because of that I never hesitated giving him a kiss or a hug. He was my teddy bear.

Of all the things Papa has done for me, he never asked anything in return. Instead he would insist on giving instead of receiving. He was a selfless, selfless man.

I’m writing this because last night I missed him so much it has been almost five years since he has passed on. I miss him everyday. A mother’s love is incomparable. So does a father’s. Daddies  have a different brand of love. And I miss my Papa’s brand every day. I guess when you lose someone you have loved all your life, there is no way of forgetting. You never really get over it. You can never fill in an empty gap. But you just put your faith that somebody is watching over you and one day, when you meet again, you will find out he has never stopped waiting for you to come home.


5 thoughts on “A tribute to Mayolo

  1. Awww! You’re so lucky cuz to have such a loving father like Tito Mayo. Sayang he was gone too soon hindi na nya nakilala si lucas. Anyway, I know he’s happy now and he’ll just watching over you. 🙂

    PS. You are his “mini-me”! 🙂

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