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Working Mom’s Tips on well…Being a Mom

Happy Sunday!

It has been a while since I last posted an entry. Lately, we have been very busy. I don’t mind though. By busy, I mean not entirely because of work (like last year), all though it will still be a contributing factor, but busy being a mom and a wife. I have to say, I don’t mind being absent in the blogosphere if the latter is my reason. Nothing beats spending time with my now-active and curious Little Jedi. I mean, I have also been taking lots and lots of pictures and posting it on my IG (follow me!) to document family time. I do realize that I may have forgotten my vision to share the things that I learn along the way. I have a lot of musings in mind and yes, I still want to share this with you.

Thank God for slow and lazy Sundays. They are blessings! I finally have the time to let my thoughts be spontaneous and let my fingers type away. So here I am, typing away while by two boys snooze beside me. Aaah. Bliss.

We have been going out almost every weekend of late. Lucas has been very keen about everything so I want to let him explore lots of things. Last week, we met with my grad school classmates-turned friends-turned each others’ kids’ ninongs and ninangs (so we’re like bonded for life). We invited Dom of Studio 2716 to take family pics of us but only my friend Chel’s and our families had the chance to take some shots. The two were fashionably late. Hehe. I will share the pictures with you as soon as we have rescheduled the shoot with everyone in it.



Chel’s son, Y, is about the same age as Lucas. I was very happy to see that Lucas knows how to play with other children now. I remember he was playing with his cousin before but well, she only does parallel playing. So it’s quite nice to see Lucas playing catch with Y. He is also playing with us now. He’d pull his Dadi’s hand and say “Play ball!”. I am looking forward to the next playdate with my mommy friends and kids.


We’ve been spending some time in the malls with my mom and sister also. We are simply trying to beat the scorching heat of the sun without having our electric bill shoot up. Let’s face it, malls with air conditioning are one of  mankind’s greatest inventions when it’s summertime and you are living right smack in the urban jungle of a tropical country. Alabang Town Center/Metro Gaisano is our favorite. These two malls are connected to each other. Yesterday, after grocery shopping and a hearty lunch, we took the Little Jedi to Timezone again. As shared here before, Lucas is obsessed with basketball, not that I am complaining though. But we found a game that, surprisingly, was a hit to the whole family. My mom included! Have you ever tried Go Go Ballz?  I remember Maqui shared in her blog that they also enjoyed this game. It was so much fun! Imagine I, Mike, Lucas, my mom and sis, all crammed together in front of this huge screen hitting it with balls. It was crazy, nonsensical, childish fun. We love it. I highly recommend it to families, to people who wants to relieve some stress, and to those who wants to hit annoying people in their lives, but can’t. I’m sure you will enjoy this.


I have been channeling the inner domestic diva in me also. Of late, I have been very inspired to make sugar cookies and designing them. Nothing beats a nice, quiet, cookie doodling time in the kitchen. Seriously, it’s my catharsis. The cookies serve as my palette, the icing, my paint and Lucas, my curator (and cookie taster). Time and again, I think my creativity does not come out through arts and craft but through making pretty edible little things.



Another thing that has been keeping me busy lately is scouting for a school for the Little Jedi. That deserves another post.

Being a working mom is really about having the right balance. Somebody told me this week that he’s surprised how I can do so many things: work and even extend time in the office, bake, play with the kid, blog. I guess it’s just a matter of knowing when and how to spend your time. I am not the planning queen. I know other moms who are far better in this than me. I am trying though. The experience I had last year was unpleasant. I want to make sure that I don’t do the same thing anymore. Here are some of the things that has helped me so far:

Set reasonable time for everything. I can easily say, I’ll go home at 5:30 PM and spend 6 hours a day with my son. But I know I can’t. I know that my work demands a little bit more so I have to set the right time for everything. During weekdays, I tell myself that I will try to go home at 6:30 PM, regular latest at 7:3o PM and occasionally until 9:00 PM ONLY if it’s really needed. My weekends are solely devoted to my son and my husband.

There will be trade-offs. Even if we want everything to be perfect, there will always be trade offs. One of the things that Mike and I struggle with last year was the time I spent in the office. For those who haven’t read my posts last year, I would spend 16-18 hours a day. Yes, it was crazy. Now, I told him I will try to be home earlier so I could still be the one to put Lucas to sleep, but I might still work after that. I work from home, of course. It could also mean that we won’t be talking so much in the office so I can focus on work only. It’s not all about work. It’s also about giving up some (just some) of the things I like doing to do the other things I want to happen. I have pushed back reading books because my son is more playful now so I’d rather spend the time with him.

Know the reward that you want. And work for it. I want to spend time with my son, do some baking, blog. I have to work for that time. If I want my weekends to free-up, I have to do some sacrifices. Sacrifices will always be difficult and painful, but like they say, keep your eyes at the reward because it will always be sweet in the end.

Don’t be hard on yourself. You still need to enjoy. If you make a list, marked off all the things in that list, but you have stressed yourself doing all of those things, you will end up being unhappy. An unhappy mom is an unhappy husband and kid too. Your stress will be displaced or projected to them. Include yourself in your list. Include yourself in your goal. I have read somewhere that to be a great mom, you have to first and foremost be happy. Go ahead and get that me time or that quiet time. Get that pedicure, or your favorite coffee drink, or those pair of shoes. You need that. I need to start reading the GOT books because the season is about to start again. That’s a note to myself.

There you go. These are things that I have been meaning to share because these are things that I have learned from the past few months. Oh and just in time. I hear my little boy stirring now. Time for some more Sunday bonding!




9 thoughts on “Working Mom’s Tips on well…Being a Mom

  1. You make the prettiest sugar cookies Maggie! I swear! They look so exquisite and luxe! 🙂

    I’ve also pushed back reading too, which I miss a lot! But I have to set that aside for now so I can have more time with the two (three if I were to add Mr. D). I can relate with the long hours at work. I get home at 10pm every night! I didn’t seem to mind it as much before but now…hay. I don’t know. I think I need to start making changes. 😦

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Set 2 or 3 days for OT Aims. Don’t make it daily. It might frustrate you in the long run. Especially now that you have a new little one 🙂

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