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Little Jedi turns 3- part deux: Divi Finds

hen you’re a mommy planning a party, the first party supplier that comes to your mind is Divi. Divi is not a who. It’s a where. A short term for Divisoria, this haven for practical shoppers has almost everything under the sun. From clothes and accessories, kitchenware, fresh produce, and yes, party materials, Divi has it.

The day after I arrived from India, Mama and I went to Divi to buy toys for the Little Jedi’s party. The cheapest ones are in Divisoria Mall. Unfortunately, the mall burned down so all the vendors are all selling on the streets. It made the street really crowded, even for a Sunday.

We got some really good toys in Divi.

I got these mini toys in packs.I liked it so much I bought Mike a whole Superman set. I got these for Php200-Php250 for a pack of 8 or  9, depending on the design.



Small transforming plastic toys for the boys, Php 80 for 2 dozens.






Bracelets and stamps for the girls, Php 60 for 2 dozens.


I also saw these kits. Perfect for prizes for little girls. I think these are Php 35 each.


We went to 168 Mall to look for loot bags. Since the theme was yellow, I was hoping to get a nice loot bag for the party. I got these yellow striped plastic loot bags but I was disappointed because I saw yellow eco bags after buying them. I like the eco bags better. Mike designed and printed the tags for the loot bags.


I bought these cute pencils in 168 mall too. They are Php 120 for a pack of 10.



I read about Lucky China Town’s Sunday Food market so I asked Mama if we can have lunch there. Lucky China Town is a new mall near 168. They put up food stalls every weekend. I was craving for some authentic Chinese food and I wasn’t disappointed. There were Chinese food, seafood stalls (that sell oysters and scallops among the other seafood), Singaporean dishes, deep fried chicken and even Filipino dishes. There was a dimsum stall that sells really good XO shu mai. It was soooo goood! I think I got carried away and forgot thay it was just Mama and myself who will eat because I bought so many dishes for us. Yummers. Do drop by Lucky China Town if you are going to Divi.





I can’t wait for my next shopping trip to Divi!


This is the second part of the party plans for Lucas 3rd party. You can read the first part here.



2 thoughts on “Little Jedi turns 3- part deux: Divi Finds

  1. Hello! I saw in one of your pictures that you also bought small boxes of crayons. May I know what part of divi did you find those and how much they are, if you can recall? We need it for a charity event for 300 children. 😀
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kate! I think it was ten pesos per box. You may be able to get it at a lower price if you are buying that much. 🙂 i found it in Divisoria mall but you can also find some in 168 mall

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