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A Home Cook’s Recipe Sources

I have always been a fan of good food and has been been interested in cooking. When I watch TV at home, the staple channels would be TLC, Food Network, or Asian Food Channel. I have been a big fan of Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, and Buddy Valastro (yes, the Cake Boss, but he also has a cooking show called Kitchen Boss in TLC). I’ve always been curious about food. I remember way back in college wanting to know how foie gras tastes like, how truffle oil smells like and how to spell duck confit.

I only learned how to cook after giving birth to my son because, like most moms, I want to be the one to prepare his food. That’s when I started putting into practice what I have been watching on TV for years. I also started buying cooking magazines. My favorite is Yummy. I collect Yummy’s recipe booklets. I love them! I get most of the dishes that my husband likes from there. They are pocket size and can fit your bag easily. The recipes are also very easy to make.


I also like browsing the Internet and look for other Recipes. I like visiting All Recipes and of course, The Food Network.

I discovered a cool app for home cooks like myself. It’s called Yummly. I downloaded the app for free.

Image from Google Images

This app has a roster of different recipes from different websites. It saves me time googling the dish and opening new windows or tabs for the recipe.

It shows where the recipe comes from so if you are a fan of a specific author or cook, you can make your choice.


One of the features that I like about the app is that it shows the calorie count for most dishes. It’s great for those who are calorie conscious.


If you like a dish, you can also tag it under a specific category. This helps you in planning and organizing your meals. No need to rummage through a lot of recipes.


Of course the best part is that it’s mobile. You can now plan your meals for the week while you are on your way to work (provided you’re not driving), while taking a break, or even while you are waiting in line for…anything!

Thank goodness for technology. It makes lives of moms so much easier. 🙂






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