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Easter Sunday

I really wanted to bring Lucas to an Easter activity but I did not expect how expensive it would be. The ones I saw ranged from Php 500-Php700 per head inclusive of games and snacks. The Ilocana in me almost fainted and I asked myself if there are other ways to enjoy celebrate Easter. Maybe when Lucas is a little older (next year, maybe?), I might bring him to one of these events. Maybe.

We still wanted to celebrate Easter of course so I told Mike that we could bring him to Alabang Town Center. Ayala Malls would always have activities for occasions like Easter.

We started our Sunday by hearing mass. We decided to hear mass at the Notre Dame de Vie chapel at the Fernbrook Gardens. It was one of the most beautiful chapels/churches I’ve seen. It is located along Daanghari, Las Pinas. It’s hard to miss it because of the glass roof. When we entered the garden, I was pleasantly surprised how cool it was inside. There was no air conditioning but the breeze was nice and cool. The chapel had air conditioning units inside but it was packed yesterday so it was still a little warm inside.

I just want to post Lucas’ OOTD that day because he personally picked it out himself, from shirt to socks.

Shirt: Zara, Pants: Mothercare, Socks (not seen): The Gap (gift from a Tita), Shoes: Nike

After mass we went to ATC and had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Chili’s. I like the Chili’s at ATC. It was really roomy. I might consider this as a venue for future parties. Anyhoot, when we were seated, one of the staff members approached us and asked if we would like Lucas to join the Easter egg hunt that was about to begin. Of course we joined. Luck was on our side because one of the Easter eggs was hidden right under our table! Lucas won a bunny plush toy for it. He was the littlest kid to claim the prize. The egg included candies and a free kiddie shake on our next visit. Yipee!

The staff gave him two more Easter eggs. Look how happy the Little Jedi was!


Mike wanted Lucas to have a haircut first, so we did. Can I just say, ang galing ni Ate who cut Lucas’ hair! Imagine she cut the hair of three hysterical kids, Lucas included, and she was still cool an cheerful.

Hysterical kid 1: No more na! Ayaw ko na!
Ate: Oo lapit na ‘to. Ayaw ko na rin. (Pero malambing)

Lucas: Stop pis! No moh! Play boh!
(Stop please! No more! Play ball!)
Ate: Sige na, Lucas. Pagtapos nito play kayo ng ball ni Mommy. (In fernez, she understood Lucas).

We brought Lucas to Time Zone to play basketball as requested. By the time we got to the activity center of ATC, the registration for the Easter activity was already closed. It’s fine though because the Little Jedi looked tired already.

We always spend Easter together as a family. It’s one of those holidays that want Lucas to appreciate but not only because of the games and prizes and candy he can get this day. We want him to understand the primary reason for celebrating it. We rejoice because one man made the biggest sacrifice to save us. We rejoice because he lives. That IS something worth celebrating right?

How about you? How did you celebrate your Easter.


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