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Lucas in (Trial) Class

Lucas is enrolled! Yep. In a few months…wait…weeks, I will be the mom of a preschooler. Ehr.Mah.Gerd. I have a list of things to do in preparation for the Little Jedi’s first day of school:

  1. File a leave on his first day of school
  2. Buy his baon especially Gold Fish crackers. Wala lang. I always imagined my kid bringing these to school with fruits, s and juice.
  3. Buy a cute lunch box. At first, I thought of buying him a bag but then I realized he won’t be carrying books or anything like that.
  4. Get him a haircut.
  5. Think of what he’ll wear on his first day.
  6. Remind myself not to cry, even tear up, on his first day.

Yiiiih am I excited or am I excited?!

Lucas attended a three-day trial class before we enrolled him. We wanted to check if he is ready for school. There was an on-going summer art class so that’s what he joined.

He clung to Mike for a couple of minutes but eventually he started doing things on his own. The teachers prepared a daily plan that included free play, morning song, math through play, reading, circle time, and a snack time.

The teachers said Lucas has advanced knowledge on math and reading. He can count various things, knows the numbers and even advanced shapes like oval and crescent.



I am sooo happy that he did not cry during the classes. He even volunteered to put the sun on the board during the second day while they sing Mr. Sun. He also participated during story telling time. Some of the pictures are blurred because they were taken outside the room from the door window.



However he gets icky easily. Mana sa Dadi. When they were painting, a drop of paint landed on his arm and he immediately said “eeeew!” and didn’t want to continue until his arm was clean.


They were decorating a pot and his had the least decoration on it because he didn’t want to hold the paper flowers with glue.


The face says it all LOL


But he is a curious Little Jedi.

One day, one of his classmates made another kid cry. While the teacher was talking to the child at the time out corner, guess who was there intently listening?


Too curious, Anak, I think.

I know it was just a 3-day trial class but my heart leapt every time I saw him do things independently and join other kids. Oh, and I can never describe the overflowing joy when I got this from the Little Lucas. If he was proud of what he did, I am much much prouder! 🙂




7 thoughts on “Lucas in (Trial) Class

  1. Wow, I know that feeling during those treasured moment! Overwhelmed and proud, as our child make his first journey on the ‘real world’.

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