Mommy musings

What We’ve Been Doing This Summer

I finally had the chance to draft a post. I miss blogging! It’s been a really hectic week at work and even on weekends. I am not complaining though. I find myself enjoying what I am doing at work and on weekends. I have to say I am still spending long hours at work but I guess I am appreciating my role more. As for our weekends, I am very happy to spend every minute with my little family.

Our weekends have been activity filled as well. No, we haven’t gone to any beach or summer destination. We’ve been dining out with family, celebrating birthdays with friends and family, taking part in storytelling, shopping (insert sparkle in my eyes), playing more Go Go Ballz in Timezone (nakakaaadik nga Maqui!), and more. Nothing out of the ordinary really, but what makes it more interesting is the Little Jedi himself.


He’s really more talkative na! Before he would just say “Mami, phone?” if he wants to borrow my phone. Now he goes,

“Mami, can…I bowwow your sefoon pis?” (Mami, can I borrow your cellphone please?)


One day, I kissed his ouchy away. Since then, he would do same. He would kiss you and say,

“No more na ouchy! Buhbye ouchy!” and “Oh! There’s the ouchy!” (while pointing at the sky.

One day, he surprised me. He was singing ABC until the very end of the song. Then he started reciting the alphabet backwards, from Z to A! I almost did a back flip!

Last night I got home feeling under the weather and was very tired that I fell asleep before the Little Jedi did. Mike was telling me that he was running his hand over my head while saying, “Sowi, Mami”. I don’t know why he was saying sorry, though.

Lucas is more into creative play nowadays.


We have been learning math in fun ways: counting fingers, adding and subtracting candies, imagining shapes. I am pleasantly happy to that Lucas see shapes from everyday items: wheels, table, logos, etc. Looks like his abstract/spatial skills are developing well.



These “small” things make my days so much more interesting. Work is hard, being a working mom is harder, but my son really knows how to take away them unwanted stress and frustration. Being a mom is such a bliss.



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