Little Jedi

Firsts: Arrhae Bearer

I admit. One of the first things on my milestones list when I had Lucas was his wedding to be a ring bearer. Last Sunday, it was marked off from the list because he finally became, not a ring, but an arrhae bearer.

We got the invitation a month ago when my Aunt told us that my uncle is setting a surprise wedding to his Japanese wife of three years. They have been together for almost twenty years and had been wed by law. Yes it was a surprise wedding, like the Zoren-Carmina engagement/wedding.

It was an intimate wedding and Mike and I were asked to be secondary sponsor while the Little Jedi was asked to be a bearer.

We were suppose to buy Lucas a full suit with the works: coat, necktie, etc. Now for some reason, Lucas is not very fond of jackets or even polo shirts. When we were buying him a coat, he wouldn’t put it on. He was bawling like there’s not tomorrow in the mall. We finally decided on just buying him a vest because it’s easier to put on. We can just slip on the shirt. Easy right? We got the pants and vest from Onesimus, and the shoes and shirt from SM Kids.

On the morning of the wedding, Lucas didn’t want to wear the new set of clothes we had for him. Yaya and I were a tag team trying to put the clothes on him. I guess one the reasons why he was not in the mood that morning was the fact that I had to wake him up so early.

Anyway, after lots of begging, tears, a couple of  kicks (to me) here and there, and one crumpled shirt later, we finally got to put on his clothes. Bello, right?


The wedding was in Canyon Woods where we had our staycation last December. Lucas was familiar with the place and still remembers his favourite places of the house so he was just running here and there.


Mother Nature is really telling us we need to shape up and do something about the Earth because it was stil so hot in Tagaytay. The cute little bearer decided he didn’t want to walk anymore so we ended up carrying him with us as Mike and I marched.


It was not the ideal walk as a bearer but I am still so happy and so proud of Lucas. I just hope the next time he walks on the aisle won’t be his wedding! I’m crossing my fingers that there will be more bearer duties lined up. Paging my single and soon-to-be-married relatives and friends out there!



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