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How Body Responded to Stress

I haven’t been as active in blogging lately. I would only be posting one entry per week. I mentioned before that I am spending more time with the Little Jedi because he has been more into cooperative play. He actually enjoys question and answer games. Nerd like his mom. Haha.

For the past month, I feel I have been under a lot of stress at work. There has been some major changes at work and some unexpected situations had happen. To simply put it, the expectations from me had been different. I wasn’t physically exhausted but I was most of the time anxious. I wasn’t eating right to finish things that I need to finish and have been thinking constantly about work. I am happy with how I am handling work but yesterday, my body somehow told me I wasn’t paying much attention to its needs.

I experienced a stinging pain in my stomach yesterday with vomiting and diarrhea. I can’t remember anything that I ate the day before that could have made my stomach upset. After drinking meds with lots and lots of rest (I was in bed all day), my tummy eased up a bit.

Today, I realized that this could be caused by the anxiety that I have been experiencing for the past month. I was anxious even at home because we were always on the go. I started doing some research and I found out that according to Anxiety Center, the following are symptoms of anxiety:
• nausea
• bloating
• burning sensation in the stomach or pit of the stomach
• gas, or being gaseous
• belching, burping, excessive belching
• feeling like there is a lump or knot in your stomach
• stomach discomfort or distress
• an uncomfortable fullness in your stomach
• feeling like you have butterflies in your stomach
• a tightness in your stomach
• an “anxiety” stomach
• an excess of acidity
• a “heavy” stomach
• a “rumbling” after you eat sensation
• an uneasiness in your stomach
• acid reflux
• vomiting
• diarrhea
• loose stool
• constipation
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• chronic stomach problems

I am experiencing 18 out of the 22 listed there. I suddenly stopped working and checking my office emails when I read this. I took a deep breath and started blogging. Blogging really helps me relax.

My tummy still feels a little painful but I am hoping that it’ll go away so I can go back to work tomorrow. If it doesn’t though, I think I need to get myself checked already. I will also try to relax as much as I can for the rest of the night.

This is actually one part of it. A few days ago, I went to see a doctor also because I haven’t had my period for three months already and I am definitely not pregnant. My new OB Gyne is suspecting polycystic ovaries whick could also be caused by stress. I am also taking medicines for it.

I am now in search for healthy, stress-busting activities.Blogging is one, baking is another. There are a couple more and I’ll let you in some of it once I tried it. This is a reminder that no matter how excellent I do at work, it’s all going to be useless once my body gives me a bad kick and tells me to start paying attention.

If you have suggestions to bust stress, do share! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How Body Responded to Stress

  1. true mommy maggie. kapag stress nagre reflect talaga sa katawan. Blogging helps din talaga kasi parang outlet natin whenever we feel stressed, sad or happy.

    For me nakakatulong yung watching funny movies or US tv series, listening to good music, dancing, baking, lalo na yung eating a very delicious ice cream or cake para pang tanggal din ng stress.

  2. Doing arts and Crafts helps me, Maggie. Or swimming. Swim with Lucas at the Condo pool. Pati si Lucas mag-eenjoy 🙂

    Haaay, pasukan na ulit 😦 Anyare na sa Playdate ntin? ayun, nkakawala din yun ng stress. Promise. Kasi at the end of the day, you’ll realize na hindi ka nag-iisa na -nasstress 🙂

    Alam mo, I am excited for you on Lucas’ first day. Bring lots of Kleenex. That or wear shades. hihih.

    1. Bihira na kami magpunta sa condo Em 😦 peroooo i think baking talaga relaxes me. hehe. good I have reason to wear shades during the rainy season hehe

  3. hugs hugs neighbor. ti had anxiety episodes din last year. Tipong di pa nakakalabas ng bahay, kinakabahan na ako.
    Lipat ka na sa Makati and join the fabulous Makati girls club!

  4. Awww! I just read your post, cuz. Looks like we are both facing the same problem. Been really stress too these past few weeks. Hay kaya tanggalin nalang natin mamaya sa date natin. 🙂

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