Little Jedi

Weekends: Tagaytay with the Family

In just two hours, our weekend is over. This weekend was well spent with the Little Jedi, though. It started very hectic with a Parent-Teacher meeting in Lucas school and learning more about the program. Our discussion made me more and more excited. I met Lucas’ 2 teachers. Since the school follows a ratio of 6:1 and there are 9 of them in the class, they already have 2 teachers in the class. I met both teachers and I am actually happy when they started asking about Lucas, his interests, his tantrums, his favorites, his fears. I felt secured after the talk because I can see the genuine care of these teachers to their students.

We went to attend a party also and my cakepops and cookies made an appearance. The theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I designed the pops that way. It was a trip to memory lane when I was making these. I really enjoy making cookies and cakepops. It’s a newly-discovered passion. 🙂 Check out my other cakepop designs here and cookie designs here

Cowabunga dudes!

Next activity was spending the day in Tagaytay. Since hubby finally found the fastest route going to Tagaytay, it’s not too difficult to convince him to drive us there. Hooray….for me! LOL.If you are wondering what is this fast route, if you are coming from Alabang,  take Daanghari Rd and turn left when you reach Molino. Turn right is Salawag. That’s the first stop light after passing SM Molino. Go straight until you reach Emilio Aguinaldo Highway and just drive straight until Tagaytay. You would have missed the bottleneck areas like Imus and  Bacoor. From our home in Molino, it only took us 45 mins to Tagaytay at 80 kph average. Cool right? If what I just told you didn’t make any sense, trust Google Maps to show you the way.

We heard mass in Lourdes Church. What a beautiful chuch it is! I was telling my sister she should get married there. If I know better, I would already book it for her. Haha. The church is very bright inside with beautiful chandelier and an altar in gold and deep brown furnish. It is not a very big church but I like that there is ample parking for church goers. Vendors are not allowed inside the church vicinity so the there aren’t a lot of people outside except for chuch goers. It’s along the highway so it’s also easy to spot.


We had lunch at Bag of Beans. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would if we had breakfast there. The temperature in Tagaytay was pretty hot last Sunday so having lunch al fresco wasn’t as presko as I would’ve hoped for. The place was also packed and I am not the type who enjoys crowded places. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of Bag of Beans but maybe not for a summer lunch.

We went to Sky Ranch afterwards. The Little Jedi enjoyed the giant inflated slide and race track. Even if the kids were bumping into each other,it looked like nobody minded.



First driving lesson with Dadi

Can I just make a shameless statement and say that I super love my comfortable top that day. Special thanks to my sister for this. She got it from Vietnam and you know I have a thing for traditional or ethnic-inspired clothes from other Asian countries.


There’s nothing like a day with the family. Thanks, Hun for driving all the way to Tagaytay for this. How about somewhere farther next time? 🙂


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