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First Day of School

Yesterday marks the day I officially became a preschooler’s mom. Me being excited about this day was an understatement. I was elated! I made sure I took a leave from work  to be with the Little Jedi the whole time. There is nothing that can stop me from bringing Lucas to school yesterday. I woke up early and prepared his baon that I have planned days before:

Goldfish crackers, homemade cupcake, trail mix less the chocolate candies, grapes and Little Hugs


I was more excited than the Little Jedi. He wasn’t too happy that we woke him up earlier than his usual waking time but eventually became more cooperative.

I received a text message from the school welcoming everyone to school. I think that’s cute and very helpful. I like that they are very active in their communications with parents. We always get constant messages from them as soon as we enrolled Lucas.

We were at the school thirty minutes before the class started. Mike and I walked Lucas to his classroom where he was greeted by his two teachers. Yes, their class of 9 has two teachers. That’s one of the reasons why I picked this school aside from the fact that it is a progressive school. When one of the teachers guided him inside and started playing with him, he totally forgot I was there! Admittedly there was a lump in my throat but my pride for my son swallowed it. He did not cry and didn’t even noticed that I left the room!


One by one, the kids and their parent/yaya’s started arriving. When his teacher told me he’s doing well inside and that he’s not looking for us, I knew I can leave him in the classroom already (even if deep inside of me, I was hoping he’d look for me). First step to independence. 🙂

I couldn’t take it. I had to go down and buy tea in Starbucks outside the school. LOL. Buti na lang there was one nearby. Saving grace.

When I went back, the classroom door was closed. The window on the door was covered so parents can’t take a peek and distract the kids.


I heard crying from inside so I walked near the rooms and listened if I recognize the cries. It was not Lucas. Whew. I did hear him answering colors loudly. I couldn’t stop myself and slowly raised my phone above the cover and took a picture of inside the room.

This is what I saw:


Lucas was participating!

During art class, he was still a little icky with the glue but one of the teachers, Teacher M, told me that he still finished his work. Teacher Q was guiding him all throughout the activity.  However, when he saw the Play Doh, he stood up and got a book instead. They didn’t force him to participate yet. Last night, I opened his Play Doh and we started playing with it. I hope he does the same in class. 🙂


At 11:30 AM, they went outside to play at the play area. Each class has a specific time to use the area so it doesn’t get too crowded at once. The older kids do not get mixed with the younger ones also. When Lucas saw me and Mike, he was all smiles. When it was time to go back inside the room for a final activity, he didn’t want to let go of my hand anymore so I went inside the room with him. Teacher said it’s still ok since it is the first day of school.


Sigh. This is it! This is the first of many many years of schooling for my son. I cannot be prouder. I could only wish to bring him to school all the time. This is going to be the first of many adventures of this preschooler and his Mami and Dadi.




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