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Updates, Birthdays and Gratitude

Hello hello! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something on this space. A lot has been going on and I hope to share it with very very soon. I am hoping for the best!

Anyway, I could probably fill up pages and pages of stories about my life, my discoveries and my aha moments. Just as my life has been moving too fast, I could give you updates in just one blow. I wouldn’t want to do that of course. I want this page to still be like my usual posts anchored on one central idea. Today, it’s all about gratitude.

Latest update: I am a year older. Yep. I turned thirty-three last Sunday. No sense in covering my age up because sooner or later or maybe even right now, I look my age. I am not complaining though. I realized that this birthday was more realistic in the sense that I also feel like my age. No, my knees aren’t giving up on me (yet) nor is my memory failing me. What I mean is looking back to what I have done, experienced and accomplished on the past year made me feel more mature, responsible and, hopefully, wiser. Last year wasn’t as blissful but it sure was rich in learning experiences. I guess there will really come a time when we finally accept our age, wouldn’t really care about it and instead embrace age. I don’t know if I felt that soon or late in the game, but I felt it now. That in itself puts a smile on my face.

A day before my birthday, my bestest friend and her family visited us. They travelled all the way from north to south of the metro. I love her. She’s one of the things that I am grateful for on my birthday. I am so blessed to have celebrated 17 birthdays with this wonderful person as my friend. Of course I am looking forward to more and more birthdays with her.

Lucas is really gentle with younger children. He’s like a kuya to his baby cousin. He was also very patient with my bestfriend’s baby girl. He was teacher her colors. Nowadays, reading is one of his favorite things to do. He’d get a book and just…read. Well he can’t read all the words yet but I am just happy that he can easily learn big words like hippopotamus (bulol lang, but still). 🙂 I’m one proud mami, really. I will be forever grateful for him.


My family and I had a simple birthday lunch in Makati. Nothing fancy. Spending it with family was enough. Of course the fact there was an ON-GOING SALE in Greenbelt ON MY BIRTHDAY could not be ignored (thank you, hubby for the shopping money/birthday gift).

My favorite gift was not part of the things I bought, but this:



Hubby had it made. So sweet, right?  Yep. That’s me and my cakepops. I love anything personalized and this as personalized as it can get. I am so glad that he supports my hobbies and interests and I’m not only talking about this gift. He is the one who discovered my baking suppliers. He tells me what are the tools that can help me with my cakepops and cookies. He even does reseach on baking tips, tricks and even recipes. He can actually bake a mean red velvet cake and even helps me roll out my cakepops.

Thirty-three wonderful years and going. I am grateful for my health that is not faltering, my family with their overflowing love, my friends who have become my inspiration, my dreams that keep me on going. It has been good.


3 thoughts on “Updates, Birthdays and Gratitude

  1. Happy birthday maggie! Ang sweet naman ni hubby mo and lucas is really smart a! More blessings, good health and happiness. God bless mommy maggie! =)

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