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A Perfect and Special Ordinary Day

I was listening to The Morning Rush as always and this morning’s topic was “In a perfect world….”. What would a perfect world look like to me? Easy. It’s exactly how my day was.

Thanks to Pasig City day, I was able to spend a perfect day with my two favourite boys.  First on the list that made my day wonderfu: I was able to bring my son to school today without rushing for work. We had breakfast in McDonald’s and loved


Lucas had his toy car with him because it’s Show and Tell today in school. Obviously his were his cars but we cannot bring all his cars so I asked him to pick just one.


My perfect morning continued as I brought him to school and sent him off to his classroom.





I swear, I would like to stay there and watch everything that he will do. He already has a routine. He would get his name at the door  then he’ll post it inside the classroom right beside his name. Then he got his bag and tumbler from me and put it in his shelf. I had to stop myself from staying otherwise I might end up applying for a job in the school.

I stayed in Starbucks across the school and started typing this blog post away. I like this Starbucks. It’s spacious, has a lot of tables for meetings, or big groups, it looks rustic in line with Evia’s theme and best of all, it has FREE wifi.  It’s perfect for a blogging mom who is catching up on her posts.




Right across, I can’t help but notice other mothers waiting for their children.  How I wish I can do this every day like them.



I went up to the school just in time to catch the kids spend their 15-minute play time. I saw Lucas get the toy cars as expected. When he saw me outside, he called out “Mami!” and blew me a kiss. So sweet. 🙂


It’s fun to watch the kids play. I also saw how the teachers and teacher aid played and watched over them. I am particularly happy with the teacher aid because she patiently helped the girls put on costumes, place towels behind the boys’ backs and even wiped the nose of one kid who probably had a runny nose.

That’s one of Lucas’ teachers 🙂
Since Mike and I didn’t have work, we spent a couple of hours in ATC with the Little Jedi after school.


Lucas and I had a good nap when we got home and now, he’s playing with his blocks with his Dadi while I finish my entry.

In a perfect world, that’s how my every day would be like. It’s not perfect though but I always say that the choice to enjoy everyday is ours.The choice to make life perfect is ours. I’d like to think that I am not able to do this everyday because of two things: 1. To appreciate “ordinary special” days like these and 2. To strive and make this my everyday in the NEAR future. 🙂

What about you? What is your idea of a perfect world?


One thought on “A Perfect and Special Ordinary Day

  1. We actually have the same idea of perfect world, cuz. I am really striving hard now to secure my family’s future and so that I can be a full time stay-at-home in the near future. Hopefully dumating na yung panahon na yun. 🙂

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