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How We are Doing at School

It’s been three weeks since we started school. Lucas comes home sharing new things that he learned from his teachers: songs, names of his classmates, colors, packing away of toys, new expressions, etc. Sometimes I wish I were a fly so I can just fly in inside the classroom and watch how Lucas is doing at school.

I have seen a lot of improvement from Lucas and the school validates my observation. Since it is a progressive school, they do not have a grading system. During the parent-teacher one-on-one, the teachers asked me what specific development do I want to see from son. I told them that he is not very comfortable with anything that has to do with art like pasting, painting and playing Play-Doh. I told them that I want to see Lucas become more conversational and be friendlier. Every week, they would write a progress report about Lucas. I enjoy reading it because it gives me an idea what they are doing in school and how Lucas participates in class.


They took note of my comment about Play-Doh and they highlighted on that because they know it’s an achievement for me and Lucas. They also share if my son had been a little naughty and class without making me feel like they are “nagsusumbong”. I like that they also recommend activities to do at home and asks parents what we did over the weekend so they can talk about it on Mondays.

Part of the progress report is a folder that shows all the worksheets that Lucas accomplished for the week.


They do the worksheets daily and the manner of answering it is different from one child to the other depending on their current capability. For example, if one student can already write,  they would give him a writing activity. If  not, they would use coloring or painting activities. As for Lucas, I think they took note of him not being too comfortable with glue so they give me pasting activities. 🙂

The children also bring home their artwork from school. I have yet to figure out where to put Lucas’ increasing artwork at home.




During Pasig Day, I was able to bring Lucas to school. The teacher brought a live caterpillar because the book of the day was A Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Another recent activity was the “Dress Up Like Mom/Dad Day”. Here are Mr. Agustin and Little Mr. Agustin.


I also appreciate the small things that his teachers do for the parents like sending Lucas’ pictures in school to me. I think that’s very very sweet.

This was taken by his teacher and was sent to me 🙂

So far I am very very happy with Lucas’ school. He is really enjoying learning there. Every time we bring Lucas to school, he does not run after us but instead is eager to go inside and start his day. The school lives up to its vision of learning through fun. I also enjoy and learn with my son thanks to them. I’m looking forward to more activities and discoveries for my Little Jedi.


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