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Happy Public Announcement

Last week I posted this photo on Instagram:

Hinalughog ni Mike and mga stores to find “Daddy” for this shot. Hehe. I received several likes but Ging was the first one who asked the question:

“Kuya?! You preggy?!

Yes folks. I am. I am now on my 11th week and my there is not a day that I am not reminded that I am pregnant. It’s a really pleasant surpise for Mike and I. We finally decided to have another baby last quarter of 2013. Well, actually Mike wanted another one as soon as Lucas turned one. I was the one who told him I would like to wait a little bit more. It wasn’t really easy. I forgot that it was also difficult to conceive with Lucas. In fact, it took us two years before I finally conceived. I was already experiencing irregular periods.

Last May, I noticed that I haven’t had my period for three months already yet when I took a pregnancy test, it would show negative. I really got worried. I decided to see an OB GYNE who was recommended by Lucas’ pediatrician. She asked me a couple of questions like if I gained weight fast (yes), if I noticed anything different with my skin (it’s drier and I have breakouts), how long it took me to be pregnant with Lucas, etc. She finally concluded that I may have polycystic ovaries syndrom (PCOS). It’s a condition that may cause the ovaries not to ovulate and may lead to subfertility. It also causes hormone imbalance, which can lead to acne breakout, and insulin resistance tat causes obesity. Having polycystic ovaries can also be a cause of pregnancy loss.

The doctor gave me some medicines to help me ovulate. She said I need to take it for a week and expect that I will have my period the week after.

So I did but no period came. I waited another week and I still didn’t have my period. It was almost a month after I finished my meds and I still didn’t have my period.ย One weekend, I felt dizzy and had a headache for two days. Then something nudged me to take a pregnancy test again and viola. The two lines appeared! I am pregnant! I couldn’t believe at first. I was asking myself “Am I not under medication for PCOS?”, “Is it possible to conceive like that?”. Well, Mike was convinced the moment I told him.

We went to see my doctor again the same week and she confirm that I am indeed 6 weeks pregnant.

Why didn’t I announce it immediately? I got worried. During my check with the doctor, she told me that the baby had a very slow heart rate for its age. She had me on meds again and asked me to see her two weeks after. I asked Mike if we can keep it to ourselves and close family until the doctor clears the baby’s condition.

Two weeks after, the baby’s heartbeat is normal. The doctor told me to take care because she reminded me women with PCOS is at higher risk of pregnancy loss. I complied until we experienced the storm last week. I was highly stressed out with the electricity out, lack of sleep, and constant worrying. Last Monday I also ran a training session and stood for more than an hour. That night I thought I saw blood on my underwear. I texted my doctor the next morning (yesterday) and she wanted to see me immediately. So I left my workstation, my laptop even set up, and went straight to the hospital. After being examined, she told me that the baby is safe but she wanted to make sure and asked me to take a rest from work for two weeks. She said being highly stressed can be bad for the baby.

So here I am typing away my first post in weeks on the first day of my rest. I guess I will be finishing a lot of books, writing a lot of posts, watching a lot of show, spending a lot of time with Kuya Lucas, for the next two weeks. I am not worried and I am not complaining. I guess it is my body’s way of telling me that I am no the only being in this body so I better start taking things easy.

I was never able to document my pregnancy with Lucas before since I didn’t have a blog yet. Now I am hoping to update my pregnancy diaries. ๐Ÿ™‚ Crossing my fingers forย an easy and safe pregnancy ahead!

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13 thoughts on “Happy Public Announcement

  1. I’m super kaduper happy for you, cuz! Ibig sabihin preggy kana nung nag-dinner date tau! I remember yan yung prob mo, blessing really comes when you least expect it talaga noh? I’m sooo happy for you! Congrats again! Can’t wait to see the baby! #EggcitedMuch

  2. Congratulations!!! I found out about Caleb the same way. I was having super irregular periods too then when my momtuition kicked in, I took a test and voila! Ayun na si Caleb. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so happy for you, Mike, and Lucas! You’re in for an interesting journey. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Congratz! My son’s name is also Caleb. We’re pronouncing it as Ka-leb, almost similar to Hebrew origin sound.

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