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Sunrise Buckets

Woah talk about really late posts. This one was drafted in May. Well, it’s never too late to post it right?

One fine Saturday (I wasn’t pregnant yet), we were all asked to come to work. Now, don’t feel too bad for me because had I not gone to work that day, I would not have tasted chicken wings from Sunrise Buckets. Our thoughtful boss brought us a couple of buckets and what I had (I still don’t know what it was so Boss J, if you are reading this, please tell me the flavors you brought that day) was really good. It was had a a sweet and spicy bbq sauce and the chicken was perfectly crispy. So I told Mike about it. As usual, he googled it and was convinced. So with the whole family, we drove to Madison Road near Greenhills and tried Sunrise Buckets.

The place had  a laid back California style with surfing as the theme. Sunrise Buckets offers Buffallo wings and burgers and even all day breakfast.



What’s different about Sunrise Buckets? They don’t offer one, not two, not even three flavors of wings but seventeen friggin’ flavors! They have Original, Smokin’ BBQ to Real American BBQ, Honey Mustard, to unique flavors like Honey Jalapeno and a favorite of many, Jack Daniels.

Smokin BBQ (Photo from Sunrise Buckets’ FB Page)
Sunrise Original (Photo from Sunrise Buckets’ FB page)

We ordered boneless crispy fried chicken and honey jalapeno with sides of rice, coleslaw, fries and, onion rings. My sister ordered a burger.

Buffalo chicken burger (Photo from Sunrise Buckets’ FB page)

When our order was served, we were given plastic gloves. That simply means, it’s best to eat wings with your hands.  The sides were pretty ok but the wings did not fail to deliver the flavor I was expecting. The Honey Jalapeno wings were my favortie. They were crispy with the right amout of sweetness and heat. The flavor and the heat will stay in your mouth without burning it.

A must-try: Honey Japalapeño wings. (Photo from Sunrise Bucket’s FB page)

What I liked about the boneless crispy fried wings is that it reminder me of a good chicken chicharon. The skin was so crispy. We ordered another bucket of Real American Wings. It was also good. It as not spicy but it was a good balance of flavors. However I still prefer Honey Japaneno. It was good grub!

If you are a fan on buffalo wings with a different kind of kick, try Sunrise Buckets:

Unit 1 Madison Square, Madison St. Greenhills, San Juan

The Grove by Rockewell Retail 2A The Pavillion, C-5Ugong, Pasig


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