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On Bed Rest and Other Activities

In my previous post, I shared that I am required by my OB GYNE to take a one month rest with limited movement because of the two incidents of threatened miscarriages. No matter how workaholic I am, I know that Little Peanut is far more important than any work so of course I obliged. However, with the limited activities that I can do, resting the whole day can be very very very very very boring. UNLESS you do something about it. Sure I can watch TV series and shows and movies (I have seen Master Chef season 5 up to episode 10 already!) and be in the internet all day long. I know that sounds ideal to any working individual longing for some rest but it can only be enjoyable up to a certain time. Sooner or later, you will run out of series to watch, realize that there’s really nothing good on TV (everything’s a freakin’ reality show!) and Facebook and Instagram browsing could actually just take you 30-mins to one hour.

I would love to do so many things: organize my stuff, clean the house, bake, work. I am not allowed to do the first three for obvious reasons. Mike doesn’t want me to work either. Well there were two instances I had to go online and check my mails and work the whole day (I’m sorry! I’m sorry!). The first time, I got stressed with the mails that I started feeling cramps on my lower abdomen again and the second time, I experienced migraine for two straight days. Now I can’t even log on to our office account. Yep, the odds are telling it straight to my face to STOP WORKING.

So what do you do when you are on bed rest aside from sleep, watch TV and check FB? Here’s a list of things that I have started doing in lieu of my condition:

1. Read Books

I have finished two books including GoT’s first book (finally!). I am reading Clash of Kings now but since I have experienced migraine last week, I had to stop. I am also planning to download some ebooks so I can read them with bigger fonts and better lighting.

Current read

2. Plan our menus

I have been watching a lot of cooking shows and since I can’t cook, I got all my recipe books and plan our weekly meals. I haven’t done this a long time and I have forgotten how much time I could spend doing this. I list down the grocery items we need to buy as well.


3. Make worksheets

Inspired by Kim of Mom on Duty, I prepare worksheets for Lucas when he is in school. He like writing lately and he’s having fun working on the worksheets. Kim has shared the worksheets she also prepared for her Princess. Check it out here.


4. Play a Game with Lucas

I can’t play rough house with Lucas anymore but we came up with new games to play. One game is Sing and Draw. He will sing  nursery rhyme and I will be drawing it. Another game that we are playing is Touch the Color and Touch What Starts with the Letter. He likes these games a lot! I don’t have to do anything but sit on the bed and give the instructions.

5. Read a Book with Lucas

We are reading more now! And we both enjoy it! Need I say more? 🙂

6. Blog

I finally have time to blog again so why not grab the opportunity. I also spend some time everyday to get myself updated with my friends’ blogs as well. I have forgotten how fun reading blogs is and how fun writing blogs can be. It’s such a relaxing activity.


7. Plan for Family Activities

I am planning what to do for upcoming family activities: Our Anniversary, Mike’s Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Lucas’ birthday. I have starting making plans for the arrival of Little Peanut as well. What to buy, what to borrow, when best to buy. I want to be more prepared this time. I am also reading a lot about breastfeeding because my goal is to exclusively breastfeed Peanut as long as I can.

8. Listen to Good Music

I love listening to oldies but goodies. Y’know, 80’s and 90’s songs that I grew up to. It just relaxes me even the rockest of rock music from the 90’s soothe me. Hehe. Rock on, Peanut.

9. Do some crafts Check out Pinterest

Weeeeell, I haven’t actually started any crafting yet. Unless you consider browsing Pinterest for ideas  part of it. Hehe. I hope I can start on something this week. Ideas, anyone?


10. Rest

I am required to do this right? I sleep when I need to and feel more positive about the present and the future. A good disposition is great preparation when the time comes that I have to face the world of work again in a couple of weeks.



4 thoughts on “On Bed Rest and Other Activities

  1. I get what you mean, Mags. But you are luckier that you could enjoy those luxuries–when you have morning sickness, watching TV is a chore pa rin! Hay, I am tempted to get want to get pregnant again.

  2. Yeah I am lucky the morning sickness is gone. I had that during my first two months and it was bad! Go ahead Dew! Talk to Randy about it. Who knows, you may be blessed this year too 🙂

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